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I usually don’t get why people want to have new game modes but this one really sounds fun!


Not sure I’d really want to play this, but:

anti-tech mode (1v1)
You both start in post-imp, and “researching” technologies disables them for your opponent. Technologies have the same cost and research time as currently, and you can research you opponents UTs in your castle.
Technologies are researched in reverse order, eg Champion -> 2Hswordman -> Longswordsman -> M@A and Paladin -> Cavalier, and eg researching Paladin turns all your opponents Paladins into Cavaliers.


Every player has a king in one corner. In the middle is a big AI figth happening (triggers which just spam more and more units). Whoevers game crashes last wins.


Empire wars but in the Castle age.


Two: It already exists. Just check the “empire wars” box and select castle age start in the settings.


Do we need new game modes? Most of us are just playing RM map. Even the new game modes like Battle royale seem to be not that popular at all.

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I would love this. Reminds me of OMG mode of Dota :slight_smile:

this can be done with scenario editor instead of flag is capture the relic cart and maybe modify its speed

Co-op mode is the only game mode I’m looking forward to.

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Perhaps some “horde mode”, where you and other players prepare units to fight nearly endless AI attack :slight_smile:


If you’ve played other RTS games then you’ve probably heard of Art of Defence. Essentially a set number of waves consisting of AI units that are heading towards a certain location on the map which you have to prevent.

This would be co-op compatible (but can also be done solo), players begin with a fixed amount of resources and would still have to gather the usual resources but to help them, they would also receive a one-off tribute per wave cleared. As an off-set to this, the game will also scale accordingly - AI units become tougher mainly in their defensive capabilities as to prevent instant kills from ranged unit spam - in addition to the AI performing occasional ‘flanking’ attacks alongside a wave.

Perhaps there might be other side objectives as well.

Of course, we’ll need to spice it up to fit the AoE gameplay and prevent immediate Castle spamming. Players will need to unlock the next Age(effectively scaling as the game progresses), and obtain a select number of unique technologies(which could be random per game) from the Trade Workshop that is located in numerous locations around the map. Otherwise, your civilisation is largely the same as it is. Some resources could also ‘respawn’ when depleted. Furthermore, AI units will need to be resistant to conversion and ‘boss’ units cannot be converted at all.

The primary method of defending would be via Tower construction but that wouldn’t prevent people from building units at all so we’d get some interesting combos and more importantly, fun. (and no, blocking the goalpoint with buildings and units won’t be possible either to prevent the AI from reaching - you must defeat every unit before they reach there)

This would be more suited for those who want a chill match with AI whilst still experimenting.


There’s actually a mod call Monastery Defense that relates to your suggestion but I prefer an official mode done by FE devs.

This does not sound very Age of Empires-like to me. However, the original game had the gamemode Defend the Wonder, which has the same spirit, except that every player has economy.

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A simple war mode. Each player has an amount of resources. In a previous menu just pick a civ, select units, quantity, Techs researched and go fight. No vils nor building, just micro your army to defeat the enemy

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yeah the random cost mode is amazing, But Rip to all kind of none standard lobby game since the introduction of quickplay … now hosted game rarely fill up …

Just add the ruins from AOE DE.

Create a team MP ruin conqueror mode (2v2) where you need to control all 5 ruins on random maps for at least N number of minutes to win the game. A few might even be located on the water somewhere.


A build your civilization mode:
pick a tech tree, five bonuses, unique unit, 2 unique techs, a team bonus and go