Custom Civ Mode

Hello, I want to suggest a new game mode that allows each player build his custom civ using a pools of existing bonuses, UTs, trees, UUs and TBs.

How it works?
-The creator of the lobby can activate or desactivate this mode in the “Advance settings” options.

-Each player has 4 slots of bonuses, 2 slots for UUs (including Unique upgrades like Imperial Camel), 1 slot for Castle UT, 1 slot for Imperial UT, 1 Slot for Team Bonus and 1 slot for Tech Tree. You can fill these slots with any available item in the game, even if the items are from different civs.

So for example, you can build your civ with Frank Chivalry HP bonus, Cuman speed chivalry bonus, Teuton Melee armor Bonus, Berber chepear chivalry bonus, and so on…

Why? Just for fun… Maybe you can build the ultimate chavalry civ, or a super power tower rush civ, or it would be good a random option, etc…

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Oh, that wouldn’t work, because it will most likely outperform the work of developers.

I can send flowers to their widows…

Leave that to modding/scenarios.

You can edit quite a lot in scenarios already. Even without using mods.

If there was a way to just change the graphics of the buildings uu and language it might be useful for making scenarios I guess.
Eg take inca as the base civi change the buildings and language to teutons,reskin the kamayuk to heavy pikeman and you have a great looking swiss civi.