New Global Event: Unlock Hero Cosmetic


I just wanted to remember that the “Bear” Cosmetic event ends in an hour. And this event last 30 days.

Apparently you only have to play one game, ONLY ONE, during the month to unlock a new skin. This one looks like this:

They will only give you the skin when 200’000 players, or any other number they come up with, manage to log in and play a game. Not even 12 weeks passed, and the record was broken. Congratulations.

I open this topic also to notify future skin.

Take care.


Worth noting in the last bear skin event, despite it states single player mode can be used to get it, skirmish mode didn’t unlock it. It only unlock from multi player mode. If you want to get it from single player then you must create a lobby in multiplayer mode and add 1 easy bot, after winning then the reward unlocked.

Pourtant je l’ai obtenus alors que je n’ai pas fait de partie multi durant la période.

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Pourtant je l’ai obtenus alors que je n’ai pas fait de partie multi durant la période.

Yes, when this activity is launched once, people will still be relatively interested in participating in it, but by the time it is launched again, the enthusiasm of the players has already been dissipated. This purely number demanding activity, without any exciting new things attached, has become a lack of motivation


Because I won it (*the skin) by playing normal skirmishes against the AI. They just gave it to me after the 200,000 player list was completed.

I think the requirements were so ambiguous, and the wait was long, that many of us tried various ways to see if we could unlock the bear or not.

In the long run I think it was all on purpose:

  • A way to force us to play for several weeks until they reveal to us if the prize was one of a few, there were hidden requirements or if the position table had something to do with it.

In the end they made it: They addicted us to AoE3 for half a month for a prize. But well, so that people do not remain in doubt, at least it is better to tell our experience of how we won it, they are not going to be left with the idea that you have to play 300 games or something like that.

Take care.

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In my case it is, tried to play vs ai from skirmish mode give nothing in the leaderboards in the first week. When I tried multiplayer 1v1 vs ai then it got unlocked and my name show up in contribution leaderboard.

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I read somewhere that 200.000 is not needed, just the points of the players that are.

I played during the event but the bear skin never unlocked for me. Does anyone else have this issue? Can a dev help please?

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Just to be sure… you played a game, but did you log in again on August 15th? Because practically there the maximum number of players was achieved, and only after that, they give you the prize.

However, if you weren’t there to claim your prize when the event ended, it could be a bug. This came out to me on the 14th day of the event, I have the capture:

On the other hand, you should at some point have numbers appear on the leaderboard.

I played about 30 games, both with the “New World” mod (with Mayans, pirates and Jesuits), and in normal mode against the AI. AHHHH! That reminds me:

“I didn’t earn points when playing with the unofficial “New World” Mod turned on:”

Have you considered if you had any MODs activated that included new Civs or altered the data of existing units?

Be careful, I only had the mod activated: Day and Night, and it worked the same for me. Easy can be the mods, consider all aspects, because apparently THERE IS A NEW EVENT, and this time we have to make sure that we can achieve it without problems.

I played during the event, logged in yesterday to find that there is a new event but my bear skin still remained locked. Really disappointing as I am a completionist and also love playing as the Russians.

Will these events rotate back in the future, or will there be option to purchase the skins?

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No creo que vuelva en eventos, quizá hagan un plan para el lote de skins que son inaccesibles para los nuevos y que se quedan con las ganas de tenerlos. Yo tengo todos menos los de México y EEUU. Necesito completar mi colección :pleading_face:

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Perhaps in some distant future. From what I understand for example, some icons from past AoE2:DE events were unlocked one year per “Women’s Day” celebration, and anyone who logged in during the week would get about 20 icons.

At some point, for example, skins like that of Lao Chen, the drunken sailor from the Chinese campaign, became available in a monthly event as one of the final missions of the event. I assume that he was also released earlier in another event, so there is always hope.

On the other hand, if it is not like that, I do not doubt that at some point you will also release them within the DLC that can be purchased as a cosmetic pack, of course not soon. Only time will tell.

Finally that confirms it: You have to play a few games, make sure you are on the leaderboard, and then wait for the event to be completed in 10 or 20 days. If apparently you don’t log in between the time the 200’00 players are completed and the middle of the month, you don’t have the skin. I guess it’s part of the game’s algorithm, the same one that means that if you don’t log in for 2 weeks, if you log in again you only get 1 new icon, and not 2, because apparently it’s not cumulative.

Well, just to inform you, there is another new hero available, this time Aztec… and they are already at 45363:

Since it came out on Friday, the weekend, I calculate that by Friday of next week we will reach the goal, if not before.

NOTE: They must play a game, appear in the qualifier with experience points, and re-enter when they reach 20,000, that is, at least 2 times a month.

Blas de Lezo skin for when?
The half man.


Just to warn everyone, we have not yet reached 20,000 players this month (138606/200000). We are going in 66%. I speculate that in a week… or maybe this time you simply won’t be able to get the skin (Noooooo!)

14 days left !!!

If someone has not yet played the event, you have to play at least one game of any type.

In my opinion, this threshold should be lowered to at least 100,000, because above that it is absurdly high.

BTW. I would prefer to see the return of normal monthly Events that could run concurrently with this one.


Will say, I’d imagine part of the point is that they want to give players using the free-to-play demo the skins so that they’re more likely to buy the game. That’s probably the main reason it’s so high. Haven’t tested if that is even the case though, maybe only players with the full game can get them, but that would surprise me.

I would like to see more events again. Those were fun. My guess is that they aren’t doing them as much as they aren’t doing patches as often

Did you work this out? Maybe a dev can help you

No, I still don’t have the bear skin unlocked sadly. The Russians are one of my favourite civs so it’s putting me off from playing the game anymore. How can I reach out to a dev about this?

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You can send an email from the forgotten empires web page. You can look for an answe in the bugs section and send them a PM (to save you some time, Felizon89). You can also post a thread in the bugs section yourself

I don’t know if Felizon89 is a dev, but I know they are always troubleshoting stuff in th bugs section

I think it’s unrealistic…Last month there was a huge impetus of “the game now has a free trial” which is good advertising and adds to publicity.
However I’d say even the full game only offers playable contents for around two weeks (if you’re not playing 12 hours a day of course). The skirmish (both pve and pvp) is very deep for sure but that is already very deep water for most of the players that could be attracted by the free trial, ironically.
So you can’t just let an objective sit there and automatically attract players. If people don’t care much about the rest of game they won’t care about one skin. It needs some other frequent events or content updates, even small ones, to encourage players to try out or return to the game.
I think we still have a good chance of achieving the objective this month, but if they don’t do anything else substantial and frequent we will see it becoming harder and harder. And eventually used as an evidence of “see I know the game does not work out”.

I’m looking forward to being proven wrong though.

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