New Great Wall bugs

Prior to today’s patch, one could place a Great Wall near a Stone Gate and the latter would be replaced (which makes sense - no need for two gates in the same place).

Bug #1) Today, placing a Great Wall leaves the model of the Stone Gate next to it instead of replacing it.

Bug #2) If you select the Stone Gate, you still have the option to delete it. This is a bad idea, because once it’s deleted, it’ll take the Great Wall with it and there’s no way to repair it (or build a replacement wall atop it). Nothing but on-screen errors indicating you can only repair damaged buildings (despite the destroyed landmark message on the screen) and some varieties of it.

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Thanks @CaptBeagle! Could you explain more specifically about item #1? When you say “next to” do you mean “on top of” or “adjacent to”?

Item #2 is an existing bug that we are aware of and working on.

When I played last night, the Great Wall model was visibly on top of everything, but it showed the (smaller) Stone Gate sticking out about half-way out of the bottom side. I would have expected that the Great Wall would have instead replaced the Stone Gate altogether in the wall (since it’s a significantly more expensive building) and the game used stone walls to offset any length issues.

I’m pretty sure this is what the game did before yesterday’s patch, because I can’t say I’ve ever noticed it before (having pretty exclusively played Chinese for the last several weeks).

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Thank you @CaptBeagle! Appreciate the clarification.