New guy here, I'm already tired of the multiplayer

win ratio is 44.4% according to elo I’m at 800 something.

nevertheless, I find the game to be boring I’ve completed the campaign and masteries I’m now playing online

first 10 games were ok, but now it’s just boring either someone leaves, either no teamwork or help even when pinging the map like a madman, 20 minutes + into every game it just feels like a city-building simulator, along with upgrades that are mandatory or your units don’t do any damage if I wanted this much building I would have downloaded Sid Meier’s civilization. To acquire an army takes forever, and there’s no shortcut around it either, yes I’m building multiple stables etc I’m not an RTS noob but IMO there’s way too much focus on resources I get that you need them but 4-5 resources? half of which there isn’t enough to go around so you can’t build the army you want and even if you do its a one-shot.

Yes I’ve watched countless streams, tutorials, tips. and I’ve come to the conclusion that the game is a building simulator 80% building and upgrading 20% actual battle. even when I win my opponents leave and still have 70% of their buildings because they have either or resources food but no wood vice versa finding it hard to fall in love with this game, I come from a command and conquer background, a pro player on red alert and wanted a new challenge but this just ain’t it lack of action, and slimey gameplay that cripples your progress, I’ve noticed

can someone either tell me what I’m doing wrong and see where my points sticks because all I’ve seen so far is a city building game, walls walls walls,rush rush, the only strategy i’ve seen is collecting the resources, which takes 45 minutes because the game is so damn slow.


At low elo the game is pretty much sim city, players are scared of aggression and sit back building up their bases and make like 5 units which just sit in base until the 40 min mark.
If you’re bored of that then go aggressive vs your opponents and force them to fight, look on youtube and learn a few basic aggressive builds like maa pressuring gold mine, tower rush, longbow rush, french knights etc.


if you want action you have to make the action.

Also i would try 1v1 if you don’t like teams


Seems like a lot of your problems are rooted in the fact that you play team games. Try going for 1v1s and if what you want is action then play an aggresive civ yourself; Go for the English or the French or the Mongols and have all the action that you need :slight_smile:


1v1 dude. Team games are a mess sometimes hahaha


I appreciate all the replies! I will try 1v1s going forward, and play as the English.

I’m not going to lie… after posting this thread I thought the AOE community were going to rip me to shreds but you all seem cool asf lol


i like the part of building city :slight_smile:


I’m happy the community at the forums is welcoming. A lot of us here are AoE veterans. I honestly love the base building mechanics and the complex resources, but blacksmith upgrades that all do the exact same thing are somewhat unimaginative in my opinion. They just happen to cancel each other out for the most part.
People often leaving before the game is actually over is annoying especially in team games. Team games can sometimes be fast paced if you can find pre mades there are some feudal age timing pushes that you can do with rams.
English Longbows are great for early pressure.
Ottomans are also a go to civ for ending a game early. Their military production buildings are cheaper, They get free units from their unique building, and blacksmiths make their military units built faster.
They also have strong units in the Feudal age with the Sipahi and Mehter.
All the civs can do early raiding with cavalry and/or infantry units really well.
French, Delhi, Mongols, Byzantines, and Rus all are good at Dark Age or Feudal Age pressure.
HRE can go like 5 minute Castle Age into a men-at-arms timing push.
When you get to gold or platinum league in 1v1 you will run into a lot more aggressive players.

Sounds like you’ve already made up your mind and want validation. Aoe4 is slower than other RTS off the rip. The game starts after the 4min mark.

If you don’t like building, make units instead. The resources you would spend making a building, just make more archers, for example. Only if your production can’t keep up with your supply is when you want to make more production buildings. Making buildings can be a hassle if you’re not familiar with hot keys. After you know hotkeys it really is as simple as clicking a button.

watch some of the pro people play in their team games. and youll see plenty of things that people play wrong.

answer is : pre-made team. Find partners to play team games, solo queueing in team games is suck.

AoE is a much slower saga than other RTS…maybe AoE 3 will serve you better…