New Hera's tier list for all maps (New civs not included)

I used to think that Feitorias are too niche and that they would need too much tume to be worth, after all the various complaints and the practical examples, with HC4 being the culmination, I can see how they are a problem in a bunch of situations.

It’s especially true for water maps, and even more so since Portuguese were buffed, Italian nerfed, and people realized Vikings get rekt by caravel spam (actually in HC4 main event people who managed to not get Vikings banned or sniped used them on Arabia, and not Islands out of fear to lose to Portuguese) So the danger of getting stalled out on these maps is very real and it’s pretty hard to prevent. Italian can hope to take the upper hand with their cheap age up, condo landing and fast fire ships, you can try to go full landing in castle age, but otherwise letting the portuguese player get feitorias up and running + upgrading their galleons is too dangerous.

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He probably made the list before new dlc civs were released but was late to publish it in time and now he is feeling lazy to re-evaluate everything with the new civs.

It’s probs because he didn’t use an updated template fort he new civs, and he would probs put them in pay to lose tier.

you misunderstood me here, but i didnt explain it properly. by 1 fietoria per teammates, i meant that the Ports player can build 1 fietoria per teammate he has (counting himself too).

so in a 4v4 the ports player could build 4 fietorias, in a 1v1 the ports player could build only 1. Teammates dont get feitorias!

even when stone and gold ist gone, but there is plenty of wood left, even then feitorias arent worht it. on blackforest you almost never want a feitoria. just sell wood.

Make sense, still a good idea to give more viability in different scénario without making it too strong. Only flaw I see is for example 4v4 on island, if the game goes for a long time 4 feitorias are already too much and even more if you decreased the pop space.