New Hera's tier list for all maps (New civs not included)

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Hera: “The new civs are so bad, they don’t even fit on the board.”

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Obnoxious feitoria play has finally reached pros. :stuck_out_tongue: hera gave ports B tier just for that I guess.

Prevoulsy Portuguese were so bad they couldn’t ever make use of the feitoria even thought it was always there, they just died before wood shortage ever kicked in even on ilands. Every buff for Portuguese is actually a buff for toxic feitoria play, as it gets more likely to survive until the civ win kicks in.

I wonder how long until ports feitoria will get banned in tournaments. I could imagine it happening

I do not agree.
The Turks are S tier. They are a very powerful enemy… But only new, noob players use that civ. I use the Turks ONLY if I receive them as a RANDOM civ… I nearly NEVER pic them.
At Feudal age the Turks have Gold mining bonus and + 1 Pierce armor for scouts. They have FREE upgrade to Light cavalry and Hussars.
At Castle age, the Turks with Bloodlines have BETTER knights than Vikings, Britons, Celts and Byzatines. The Turks also have one cavalry unit more than other civs- the Camel.
The Turks have very CHEAP upgrade for Cavalry Archers 20 HP for 500 resources ( 350 food and 150 gold).

While, for all civs, the upgrade for 20 HP from knight to kavalier is 600 resources ( 300 food and 300 gold).
And, for all civs, the upgrade from Cavalry Archer to Heavy cavalry Archer is 1400 resources ( 900 food and 500 gold) and it give ONLY 10 HP.

The best players at Aoe 2 are from North European countries. They use the Vikings and make them very good civ.

The thing is, Turks don’t have a good eco bonus so they are slow

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Did you watch the video? Or just skip to the end? Hera explains why he gave the ratings to each civ. The Knight comparison is rubbish anyway, if you’re making Knights (or even building a stable at all) as Vikings, then something has gone wrong with your gameplan, bigtime.

The other thing is that Turks go from hero to zero in the very late game. Turks get Free Hussar which is awesome, but then they’re stuck with spearman (no pike/halb) and skirmisher (no elite). This means they are hands down the most useless civ when it comes to trash wars.

watch the video, new civs are included at the end, but don’t have icons

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Sounds crazy but actually viking knights are very strong. Sure they don’t have bloodlines, but the thing is, viking player will be able to produce a lot more knight than you, on top of the fact that they probably will advance earlier than you. So the number is favorable to vikings. 10 viking knights will easily beat 6 knights with bloodlines for example.

I see you dont like feitorias

But i like stalling tactics. In pokemon games, my team always consisted in high HP and defense pokemon that holds oponents until they die through poison…

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No, you are actually wrong about that. But I understand that it soulds liek it.

I LOVE feitorias to the point that I only play ports.
But I do find civ wins unfair. And feitorias are the biggest civ win in the game. It puts a timer on your enemy. Kill me before wood runs out or I will win 100%.

I have won a few games like Jordans but on land maps, and enemy just tilt and get salty, calling me out for endless turtling.

If feitorias was changed to be actually useful before wood runs out, while still not possible to make a full feitoria eco, I think the sitatuin would be massively improved.

to let’s say: can build 1 feitoria per teammate (so 1 in 1v1, 4 in 4v4). And the pop cost reduced to 10, so it’s around the same Pop efficiency as 10 villagers (when there is still wood). In this case feitorias would be actually a benefit to build even before wood runs out but the ports as the only civ can’t just shift their hole eco to feitoria eco and declare civ win as just 1 feitoria won’t carry enough.

Feitorias aren’t that good in most teamgames, since trade exists and that can compete with buying for quite some time even after wood runs out.

Jordan would have had 1 feitoria with infinity res only and hera would had had a much fairer chance. hera played much better in my opinion and only lost due to full feitoria eco civ win.

In pokemon I play Somiliar to you and my favourite pokemon version is still gen 2 where stalling meta is king :slight_smile:
Suicune with rest, sleeptalk, surf and ice beam is a monster to kill there!

Turks aren’t that bad in trash wars even.

You need to have a big ball of cav archers that you keep alive at all cost. If you lose it, it’s gg. Selling and relics will give a few gold to retrain just a few cav archers to keep the up.

Your higher cav archer hp helps here a lot.

Put in front your free hussars with extra pierce armor as a fast raiding meatshield to prevent you cav archers to get killed by skirms.

Lastly add a handful BBC with extra range for siege against buildings. Even in trash war everyone needs some siege and turk BBC are great. You even got siege rams.

Watch the second game of hc4 of viper against hera to see this played out.

Just having hussars to raid is a really strong point in trash wars and tusk got a bonus.

I would say turks are not the worst trash war civ, unless you don’t have a cav archer ball. Then its gg against halbs.

No they are not. In no proper 1v1 match, does a Feitoria stay up long enough, to even pay for itself.
I think you seriously undersestimate how fast the current Meta is, and how it is only getting faster.

Burmese should be F-tier
Koreans should be D-tier
Turks should be D-tier

No way Burmese are as good as Celts, Ethiophians, Byzantines, Incas, Bulgarians etc.

Koreans as strong as Franks? No way hahaha! They are so bad.

Turks are just not good, Sipahi+Hussar is overrated on closed maps, they die to any early siege pushes.


This is basically not viable on closed maps, cav archers die en masse in maps like Black Forest, if you do decide to make them for whatever reason. So maybe possible on open maps, but if you run away your army from all fights, the enemy can just clear your base out.

Isn’t the purpose of cav archer balls not to let go it to the trash war?

Also, team games don’t suffer from civ wins if the teams try to prevent this (similar to pokemon teams that use different pokemon types in a balanced way to avoid being stomped by bad-matchups).

In 1v1, this is more difficult.

However, even if putting a timer on your opponent feels toxic, I think it is a different way of winning. I also played Warhammer a lot, and some undead armies used this stalling strategy (they don’t kill so much but regenerate their troops a lot). In this case, Warhammer was balanced because goals are different from killing (like holding specific points in the map), and games had limited turns. In age of empires, feitorias wouldn’t be so good if opponents could fight for another different kind of victory than military/economic one, like relics and wonders, or if the match had a limited duration.

Since it wont happen in raked games, the only way to balance feitoria I can think is limiting the amount of resources each feitoria provides, after that, it has to be "rebuilt, like a farm.

many choices dont make sense.

last year was pretty spot on, this is just biased on what he likes

I really like your idea actually. It could solve the problem of Feitoria being not effective enough in 90% cases. And in the other hand by limiting the number to like 1 or 2, prevent it to become too strong like on Island.

I think it had to stay exclusive for Portuguese tho :slight_smile:

Fetoria are not OP. They are a very late game option. They are very expensive to invest into. It’s a very high risk play, because instead of investing resources into military, you’re spending it on building expensive buildings. This dynamic is a bit like 3 TC boom vs 1 TC all in. Fetoria only start being strong once all the gold and stone on the map is exhausted. Portuguese have no early eco bonus, so if a Portuguese player manages to actually get to that very late game stage, I’d say it’s finely balanced.

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