New high speed processors

Am I wrong or is Intel wrong about processor performance

I currently see no major difference of performance of i7 - 7700K processor with my colleague try out configuration of i7-9700
I played dawn of war 3
Total War
All settings maxed .
I got a doubt whether they are releasing new models just to increase the price of the processor ?


No, they are not wrong, it depends on the usage.

Let me give it a try to explain. I will compare the i7-7700K against i7-9700K

These processors share the same processor technology of 14nm. The differences are in the base clock speed (4.2 vs 3.6 !) and turbo clock speed (4.5 against 4.9) and the number of physical cores (4 vs 8) available. If HT is enabled in your BIOS each core is divided by 2 to be able to serve 2 threads (2 vCPU’s, in total 8 vs 16 vCPU).

Now these days (but I’m not 100% sure about this) most game are compiled to use at most 4 cores (or 8 vCPU’s), depends on their game development platform they use to build the game.

So I can conclude that for gaming the highest turbo clock speed available without using HT should deliver the best possible gaming performance. Now you need to check if HT is enabled or not.

In general developers who work with a lot of virtual machines and/or use certain rendering or video editing tools will like to enable HT, while gamers and normal desktop users are better off disabling it.

So if it is enabled on both machines, I would at least try to disable and run your tests again.


It seems the games and software I use up to 4 cores. disabling HT decreases performance in both machines
but the cost of performance with 9700 almost double of 7700K is more like a business tactic to bleed the consumer more .

Actually with the i7-9700K you pay more for the cores you don’t use yet and it will perform better with multitasking. Also the price doesn’t differ that much as you said. Maybe you accidently looked at the price of the i9-9700K?

I guess in both cases the CPU performance is enough to feed the GPU. Both systems use the same GPU as well I guess so the performance is the same too.

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thank you for the article sir. The flagship processor of 9th gen is 9900K not 9700K. I was considering the model numbers but forgot to notice it was not the top notch. Perhaps in video rendering and editing it might have improved. In Gaming workstation Its the same 630 and we rely on the same nvidia gpu so less performance improvement in comparison. Regarding price Its not the same as USA pricing here. We have to shell out additional GST etc etc which was not there during 7700K buying

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I know… I already wondered and asked myself too if you really meant the i7-9700K or the i9-9700K.
There’s a big difference in total of cores between those two. The i7-9700K lacks hyperthreading.

And Intel decided to make it even more complex as there’s also a 8th generation to choose from, including models especially for laptops.

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