New Historical Battles and Campaigns

Since Age of Empires III is around the American Civil War, we should also have a campaign centered around it; there are already some Battles and Campaigns centered around the American Revolution, the French and Indian War, and the Native American battles with the settlers. Even the Mexican-Spanish War. Why can’t there be an American Civil War campaign?
Also, the Crimean, Boer, and Zulu wars would be interesting ideas for Historical Battles. There should also be European battle campaigns for these new European civilizations since there are maps in that region now. The Napoleonic War has not been covered as much either.
Just some ideas.


They censored the word colony in a game about colonialism. There’s no way in hell they’re going to cover a war about slavery.

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It’d be a great opportunity to teach the truth of history and why the war needed to happen; I love Age of Empires because of the history it teaches while building historical armies to interact with the time period.
It’s like reliving history all over again and the graphics are AMAZING.