New History Battles

Does anyone know if the devs are planning on making New History battles?

I know that they have a lot on their plate as the game stands right now, but it could BE cool to sendo a New historical battle each month or make even a competitive scenario such as the Barbarossa stand in the AoE II DE.

On historical battles it would BE cool to see either a bundle of war battles such as the 30 years wars the seven years war battles, or napoleonic wars (reliving auterlitz, borodino or Waterloo), or even the invencível armada battle.

ALSO i loved to play less known conflicts such as the battles between the dutch and Brasilians, the hussite wars or the ottoman - portuguese wars in Índia…

Do you have suggestions for an expanding catalogue of these battles?

I think AoE 3 DE has a good chance of all the DE to have expansion packs or some sort of DLCs like more historic battles perhaps even co-op historical battles.

However despite your great suggestions, the devs priority must fix most of the gamebreaking bugs and issues such as the matchmaking that are plaguing the reviews in Steam. It’s still Mixed unlike AoE 2 DE’s Overwhelmingly Positive. Without a decent game population, I don’t think Microsoft will have the incentive to create new content for the game. Even a famous AoE 3 Streamer just quit DE to Classic, that’s how dire things are over there.

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