New icon?

I dont think I have seen this before, its an icon for the siege elephant, did anyone notice this? or was there a stealth update


Also funnily enough aoe 2 is mass updating their UI and is using aoe 3 icons so there might be more UI updates coming


there was something changed 13 days ago

any ideas what this might be

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looks like patch incoming


looks new to my eye, didn’t pick that up digging the files but i have noticed ingame, siege elephants seem to be their own class now

the hidden bonus vs units have always been a thing so its not surprising, but the fact that its an icon yeah does mean its a class

so more ele based units coming?

merc siege elephants maybe lol


looking forward to gatling elephants

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Or maybe a rework for india. I think it could use one.


Great Bombard Elephants - “An Elephant that moves like a Siege Elephant, but carries a Great Bombard”

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I speculate they are turning to more specific, dedicated tags instead of combinations of “contradicting” tags (e.g. rifle rider and siege elephant) to deal with the few units that are not within the common counter system.

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I suppose it’s the opposite: the bonus to siege elephants (the unit) have always been there but siege elephant is not a tag (and the siege elephant unit does not have this tag)?
Usually counters to specific units are not shown.

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oh yeah forgot that the mansabdar is a seperate unit, in my head there is only 1 siege ele unit lol

makes sense ,though i am interested in when this happened cause i feel like this happened after the recent patch.

I think it’s been there for awhile. Iirc it was added around the same time as the resource enclosure icon.

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Persian Civ incoming?

It came also with the Ranged shock units (eagle), Resource Enclosures and Walls icons IRC, some patches ago.

No,it has been updated in march update,lol,pity.

May be they are doing something new,update and so on.But dlc is also welcomed,lol.