New Idea on Forts

Forts are some of the most useful buildings in map control and defensive positions. Their ability on the field can be likened to Battleships in value. However the forts came first. Why battleships have ability variety but forts don’t is weird to me

Would be really cool.

As of now here are the Civs that have bonuses to forts.
Sweden- Kalmar Castle-XP farm, Mercenary training
USA- Texas Forts spamming free units
Mexico-A lot of stuff too many to count
Malta-Trains units faster
Russia-Built by musk at decent speed

Here are my suggestions
Dutch- Generates coin when there are settlers nearby gathering natural resources
Spanish-Once a card is sent can train settlers,nearby settlers have more range and melee resist
British- can train Highlanders. Rangers, Red Coats and hussars are 3% cheaper when train from forts
Portuguese- Can train mortars and Gunpowder infantry and cavalry units fire slightly faster
Ottomans-Can Train Sipahi once church card is sent
Italians-Healers while near Forts heal other units faster
Germans- Builders within its range build walls and military buildings faster
China-Can be rebuilt by Monk very slowly


As a side note :

U missed India, : Red Fort (Final form on Agra Fort) which probably needs more of a statical changes in later ages, than a asthetical one.

And probably be some cross-inspiration.


I mean technically its a wonder. It cannot be rebuilt while normal forts can be via Casmentration though it would be nice if its the only wonder in the game that can be rebuilt by Monks since it has no Late game advantages (Long Treaty games)

Would also want it to have more range per age. Its a rush wonder which you can get at age 2 and I’m biased and dont like it as much in terms of utility unless sup.

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Rebuiild it ? maybe its okay Idea I guess , but its more important to give the over-sized outpost some substance /HP etc. ONLY in late ages.

Umm yea, maybe with a costly tech in temple just to enable it, 2000f 2000g in age 5. And an additional construction cost of whatever.

I would really like to see, that each fort have their unique architechture ?

Yes, yes, yes!

Likening them to Battleships is the way to go - these are meant to be ‘rare’ and powerful additions to your civ’s settlement after all.

I agree with the overall suggestion that they should have some uniqueness whether units, abilities or bonues. Another unique trait to a civ (not sure who yet), would be that the Fort could have a similar aura to the Hospitaller unit, absorbing some damage from nearby buildings.

I also think they need a real revamp in terms of the more shallower area - their look. I’d love unique Forts for each civ, though realistically shared models/textures is the most likely (for each region). At the moment they all look like a weird mish-mash of various towers (in different proportions!) and are awful fantasy building. They should really be squat, thick walls surounding a few garrison buildings.
Star Forts of the go-to design (as they were used by almost all Euro powers), however why not save them for the Star Fort upgrade (resulting in this look) - initial, pre upgraded Forts could be wooden ones such as the wooden Swedish fort, Fort Chistina, of the 17th century

Star Forts (and wooden Forts as their footprint would have to be the same) don’t have to be a monstrous size as the Spanish example linked to the Star Fort upgrade is a smaller, compact version - but they could be bigger than the current iteration - after all they’re fairly unique and hard to come by and they are meant to be you’re nation’s most defensive building!

On the gameplay side, I’d love if there was a little more in the way of Technologies (non-shipment), such as being able to add more cannon to the Fort (increase Rate of Fire) by researching [Gun Drill], Fort cannon range [Rifled Cannon] and power [24-Pounders]. I want less flimsy Forts to make a last stand in!

You don’t mention French, and I don’t have any idea except that it must be linked to the great Vauban. In French his name is synonymous with star fort.

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Hell no! I agree with the others or would change them for other bonuses, but the last thing Ottos need is another OP unit available for training.


Good Lord, no. Spahi are broken as is.


I am in favor of the current Fort models being reserved for post-colonial civs and revolutions. European civs should get Star Fort. A moat around this building could be a nice visual addition.

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Meh, the current models are not in line with any civ really - they’re just weird made-up things.

If you want a more accurate fort for Post-Colonials, just give them wooden pallisade forts.

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My guess as a concept artist is that the original art team were trying to make sure forts got across the same visual impact as castles in AoE2, in one word: tall.

In Rise of Nations they initially tried to do something similar with their star fort (make it tall so that it visually feels like the castle as well)

However in the released game they gave up on this and went for a more realistic squat design

A design like the original taller start fort design might be a good compromise for AoE3 to have both a star fort, and also a taller “castle” building


I imagine something similar in AoE 3 :smiley:

However, it could be even more detailed in AoE 3.


Original Effect: Ships 1 Fort Wagon; Fort build limit +1; the Explorer can build Outposts and Forts

New Effect: Original Effect + enables the training of mortars, culverins and horse artillery in the fortresses.

Heavy Fortifications.

Original Effect: Grants all defensive building upgrades (if not already); costs 250 wood

New Effect: Original Effect + Forts now have the ability to promote health and damage up to a maximum of 100%, in addition to having a 20% chance to ignore the damage of an attack.

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Yes, those cards are somewhat useless and it would be good to review them.

I think forts could also provide population space. It would make sense.

I think the beta version of the fortresses would be perfect for American civilizations and revolutions. Additionally, these fortresses could have greater customization. For example, the appearance of units on the wall could change depending on the civilization or revolution.



Extensive Fortifications.

Original Effect: Outposts, Walls, and Forts get +25% hit points; Outpost build limit +100%

New Effect: Original Effect + The fortresses now provide population space. (maybe +50 population?)

No late game advantage? All wonders are useful in lomg treaty games except a few. The most useful one is procelain tower. Then chinese auto production wonder is useful too it works like 1 vill…not much. Japan can train daimyo which is helpful, also reducing army cost. The one that gives extra xp or works like a big shrine also helps on eco…there is also one for boosting army strength…so they are all very useful

I think the beta version of the fortresses would be perfect for American civilizations and revolutions.

You guys really want buildings so large you can’t place them in the map, don’t you?

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I could be wrong, but I think it’s about the same size as a Mexican Hacienda.

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Nope. It’s much, much larger.

We had the OG model in WoL and you couldn’t place it most of the time, we had to downscale it and it still ended up larger than the fort. The downscaled version was somewhere between the Hacienda and the Cathedral.


There should be a way to make it so a building simply flattens and removes terrain in the way, or ignores it. I messed around with those settings quite a bit, but yeah, the TLDR here is that those giant star forts really don’t work out as well. They need to be simplified, or you need to be able to build portions of a fort at a time.

Which wouldn’t be a bad idea - Five different buildings, each connecting to each other. Then players could use individual pieces as they wanted, or they could group them up and make a giant fort.

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