New images from AoE4

If you check their youtube at - you will see the stream is already pending to go live. You can set a reminder and chat is already open, but you can also see images from the game which seem to change every few hours.
So far we’ve had these 2 images (feel free to update the topic with the rest as they come):

Source for above img: reddit


Is this India or Arabs?

it looks more like India for me

It’s India (Mughal).

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So Elephants and Indian confirmed.
Now I Wish Camels and Arabs to be confirmed.

Arab is seen in this pic


I didn’t notice that, thanks for info :heart_eyes:

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That’s the Mongols from the X019 trailer.

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Hmm you may be correct, but this would have to be one of the Islamic branches after Genghis Khan, or maybe the horsemen are auxiliaries

It’s clearly not mongols, the mongols in the trailer had all the buildings as gers.

I was referring to the image @DarthPyro4335 linked.

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Guys is it only 4 civs for the game launch? Or did they only reveal those 4??

8 civs if remember correctly

Has the total number of release civs been confirmed by Microsoft or Relic yet?

No, it hasn’t. Nothing official yet.

Well 8 civs has been leaked according to some sources (ign for example)

It is confirmed, 8 civs

Age of Empires 4 will have eight different civilizations at launch (the English, Mongols, Chinese, and Delhi Sultanate being the currently confirmed civs). Relic clarified the eight civs won’t just belong to Europe and Asia but to other parts of the world, as well. There are also plans to keep expanding the number of civilizations after launch.

I’m giving this link but there are interviews that confirm 8 civs


Ok then, fair enough.

Lol this is a bad idea to spread them out too far for release.