New in the game, and also in the forum :)

Hi guys, my name is Manuel and I am new in the game and in the forum as well.

I am from Spain so sorry if my english is not good at all. as a first question I would like to know where can I start, I am pretty sure that I should be start by doing the campaign right?

Also, which civilization is easy to get to know with the game? Like easy to play in the beginning


Best place to start is Age of Empires I: Definitive Edition :wink: But that’s beyond the scope of this thread.

It doesn’t really matter and it’s hard to suggest without knowing whether that’s your first AoE game or RTS in general, but personally, I’d probably do all ‘Art of War’ challenges with at least a bronze medal. After that, you should be more than ready to enjoy campaign content.

When it comes to civs- Franks seem to beast strong and easy to learn, before release most people would say English are the most user-friendly for newcomers. Both should be good choices imho.


Hello! Welcome to the community! England and France are considered very good factions to start with. If you need a quick guide on how to get started in the first age and making a seamless transition to age two, here is a handy video:


I would have to agree with Kettle. English and French are the best for new players.


Start by playing the tutorial and the campaigns, also play the art of war it will give you a good overview of how to play

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Thank you so much for your replays guys! This looks such a nice forum :slight_smile:
Lets smash!


Welcome to the AoE community. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need any tips or help With anything :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

After the turorial I would start with the campaigns. Just set their difficulty to your liking and chill while diving through history with a nice glass of wine by your side :slight_smile:

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Campaña primero, luego algunos skirmish y luego te tiras al agua en multiplayer cómo los grandes.

welcome! it’s a great community :slight_smile: Hit boxes are a bit clunky right now, so remember for waypoints on resources - blue flag = OK, yellow flag= your villager will sit idle

welcome welcome welcome.

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We all love new people and accepte how you are.

May you have fun playing and having great time in the forum.

Rigth now, the forum is in a complet mess and some treads last for months, do not be affraid to ask details and voice your opinion.

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Welcome to community! You can read forums or watch streams. It will help you to learn basics of the game.