NEW Inca Warchief skins 🗡 👑

I have to say I’m as impressed as with African explorers. New skins look really nice and the most important thing- they don’t stand out and do look like genuine options, not straight-up improvements (I don’t want it to sound bad, base skins are great and there is pretty much nothing to improve).

I’m still conflicted about whether I want some special real-life skins from a period other than in-game.
It would be awesome to have Teddy Roosevelt skin for US, as little historical sense timeline-wise it would make.

Hey on the other hand- Nuclear Gandhi is a thing and in AoE III we had fountains of youth etc…

Inca skins:


Manco Inca with the Spanish armor is really badass, Tupac Amaru is more stylish.

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Steel breastplate and morrión are for everyday work. Tupac Amaru is for sunday dinners and casual fridays.


super happy to see the game get such support. and they look great. art team has done really well, I have no complaints.

Damnit, he misses the game’s timeframe by just 20 years, but that would be one badass costume. I wouldn’t mind if the devs included it.

In theory, considering the main theme of AoE III, these characters should be more closely related to the exploration of New World, conquest, the establishment of early colonies and other initial political entities etc. But at the same time in game we have things like railroads etc. so at the end of the day no reason to pick people closer to the end of time period III is focused on. And his biography is so interesting he definitely deserves it.
Most people know his pics in suits, but as a hero explorer probably should be in field army clothes.

OFC for mentioned ‘badass’ factor there are other potential options lol. No reason to not run around shirtless punching jaguars (photo is 1879 afaik).

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I think that the game grew beyond that long ago, we now have Asian and African kingdoms that had little to do with the colonisation of the americas and reference to technologies and events as far as the 1860s or even later in some cases. For me anything between 1500 and 1899 is fair game.