New issue with villagers getting "stuck" trying to drop off resources?

Every since the latest patch/hotfix, I have noticed that more villagers than ever before are getting “stuck” while trying to drop off resources.

When they are “full” of stone/wood/etc. and attempt to drop off their resources, but are blocked by another villagers, they refuse to walk around (even 2 steps) and instead just stand there with all their resources.

At the end of a game last night, I was looking over the battlefield and noticed 6 villagers stuck holding stone. If they had just moved one step back they would have had clear path to drop off stone. Apparently, they were only programmed to move in a straight line, which had one villager between them and the mine. And once the one got stuck, the others just stacked up behind him.

Here is a screenshot from a game just now and you can see the injured lumberjack just standing there “stuck” when she could easily step back and get to the drop off.

This is a competitive game breaking issue, as you can have 3-4 villagers easily not doing anything early game and they dont show up as “idle”.
Screenshot (29)


I have been having a similar issue.

Yes, happens all the time. I think the devs said they had partially improved this (but havent fixed it) for the next hotfix.

Devs, idk wht u did with vills but theres a new (and very annoying - this is crucial) issue: they just randomly stop working on woodlines, mines and berries randomly, they also do not ocunt as idle. This wasn't happening before. So you should know what to do, just restore the vills pathing or whatever for wht it used to be when this wasnt happening.
This is very serious, because dark ages are being ruined, hope you understand. Thanks.

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What I have noticed the most is villagers in farms that get stuck on either the verge of dropping the food or just immediately dropping it when the farm gets exhausted. At this point the villager should go to the center of the farm and reseed it. They won’t do it.

Hi there! We released Hotfix 35209 yesterday that includes two pathfinding changes for villagers.

  • Had a conversation about personal space with villagers who would get uncomfortably close while gathering resources and constructing buildings.
  • Fixed a rare issue where, in very specific circumstances, villagers could trap themselves while gathering resources.

Please let us know if there’s still trouble with villages after installing this hotfix.

LOL this (used to) happen in every single game many times per game… doesn’t get more “rare” than that :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:
(i dont know if it still happens after the hotfix) just came here and read a funny comment

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