New italians after the update and further ideas for the next ones

OK but then it must happen for the Turks at least. 350-400W Trash Scorpions.

Would be great for them as the Elephant counter too. Although every civ’s Monks REKT them.

Listen, since it’s now becoming out of topic the argument, let’s move the discussion on another topic ok?

let’s make a new one, so that maybe new people join.

Do you want to create it yourself or do I have to make one?


In a water scenario say you do 20 vill in feudal, 20 in dark and 10 fire galleys. This is around 150 resources (assuming the 5% discount) between feudal and dark.

This could be compensated by a dock nerf to 35% (200 resources nerf approximately).

@DoctBaghi here some numbers

you can do it, i will join for sure

So it’s a slight nerf for water right?

And on land, how much do you gain? Taking arabia and arena as the 2 base scenarios.

Yeah I could do it, but maybe @Parthnan wanted to make it, since he push toward it more than me.

made it

Good, now let’s get back on topic here, and that is slight buff for italians.

  • Free archer armors
  • +1PA as a bonus
  • 5% disc. on everything (it’s correct)

Also, I want to hear feedback on the new condos.

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Overall a very modest nerf, it depends a lot on the battles. Just to have an idea, with 40% dock discount you are almost done, but the value of a resource depends also on the time you get it. So 35% is balanced. No more than 40% for Castle Age. 30% is the minimum

on every unit which is not currently discounted

this would be the implantation.

It means a discount by 5% of every unit which is not discounted

And there’s also the " Archer Projectiles move 25% faster" suggested civ bonus.

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I think it should not accept the benefit form the tech and civ bonus (like the fortress in the editor).
Let it same in any civ.

We need to test it before, @Sylux1000 backed his idea with some math and reasoning, that’s why I included it.

As soon as we are able to test your idea too, we will see.

Does anyone know how to test it in the editor? Or made a mod out of it?

Sorry, I don’t understand, could you explain better.

Sorry that my mother tongue is not english.

Every civ can have same condo. For example, Viking condo has same data as Korean condo.
The data of condo like the cost, HP, attack and armor can not be influenced by blacksmith, UT and any bonus.
If condo get buffed, every civ get better condo in same degree.
If condo get nurfed, every civ get weaker condo in same degree.
That is it.

Don’t worry, mine neither.

Ok, but there are the civ bonus, and Italians get them affected by pavise.
Plus not every civs has a full upgrade blacksmith tech tree, or other techs like squires (which is important for condos).
And then of course some civs have better and more suited eco for condos and fast imp (like vikings).

I’m more interested in feedback about how the new condos fells, it they are sensible better, if they could be meta, if they still are a situational unit and so on…

And 20% HP (20 characters)

Actually my impression is that they are not suitable for a fast imp. In the past the fast imp was for infantry civ, and it was based on the fact that condo TT was way lower. +1attack makes a very bad unit a bad unit.

The real advantage I see is that you have, is in a easier tech switch when vs skyrms. Assuming you are going pavise archers, the opponent could use an onagers or skyrms. These two units are countered by condos, which is already with some upgrades tanking skyrm fire. The use of condos would be immediate with at least +1/1 armor from pavise, giving you the time to a slow switch into hussars, which need a lot more upgrades.

Still the use of condos is temporary. Maybe they can do someone useful vs goths, but I have not tested.

I try it only vs the AI on hard (didn’t have the time for an online match) and it actually wasn’t that bad.

The castle slow you down a bit, but it give you either more defece at home, or you can build an aggressive castle, or you can simply build after the first wave of condos.

Still, one TC one castle fast imp into condos seem to work (the castle is useful for conscription too), if not, you can always use as a transition after knights or xbows in castle.

A fast imp in 1v1 arabia is a suicide tbh

I will do the math (I did something similar in the past)