NEW King of the hill map in team games

Worst map ever for team game.
1 sacred site in the middle so if you have China on your team you win?

Did Relic even think this thru right.
Just another map everyone dodges. You guys are failing on maps for your ladder man
I cant ewven see this fun for 1v1. Just rush to middle and put up castles or a fast Barbican and gg. So dumb!!

King of the hill should be its own game type not just tossed in random for normal maps. If you want a “rush to the middle and hold” win condition, then fine. Get this ■■■■ out of the normal game. IT IS LAME

For sure has no place in the Team game line up. Its not even the normal game.
EASY FIX - Add 2 more sites in and keep all the big resources on the hill. thats fair ., not the crap we got now

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