New Lithuanian food bonus

The new Lithuanian bonus give +100 food for each town center which means it is less in early game but more effective when building town centers I think this might be too strong on arena where you could build 3 TC’s immediately and have no problem producing vills or build 2 TC’s and still produce light cav, it is also a strong anti-douching bonus. But what about Budapest? They were already good but now you get to 200F at the start on a map were most civs struggle to produce vills especially at the low level. Lithuanian were already a strong tournament civs maybe reduce keep the 100f at the start but maybe reduce food from additional TC’s to 50

Budapest is such an edgecase map that I dont think it plays into balancing decisions


But about people who do want to play with two TC start they have to contend with Lithuanian going from a strong pick to a must pick. Two TC start is not that niche we had a high level tournament dedicated to the idea. I’m not advocating for it but even if they were nerf to 100f start they might still be somewhat viable

I just put in the new Lithuanians in my boom calc sheet.
Note I haven’t applied the other changes of the pup yet so it’s only new Lith in comparison to what’s currently in the game.

So it looks like they become a “good” booming civ. But not OP.

Whilst I agree, it still might be OP on this map. Devs probably need to adjust it there.

Edit: sorry, I made a mistake. I didn’t assessed the food they get for the first TCs in castle age :frowning: sorry.
That changes a lot:

Holy moly.

No enough to make them op in a vacuum. but prior to the buff they could in DA do insta-drushes, in fuedal they had great uptimes and faster trash which helps against archer or scout play. In castle age they have faster monastery which helps with relic bonus which can give you up to +6 knights or Leitis not that it happens often. in imperial age they have boosted Paladin, Leitis, hand cannoneers and bombard cannon and for trash they have winged hussar, faster moving 4/10 Skirms and faster moving halbs lacking blast furnace.

Maybe that’s why it was changed?

What is Lith winning record on Arena?
Afaik they once were even considered top tier there cause of thestrong monk + light cav play.

One other question is, do we actually interpret it right? It might potetnially only apply to the game start and not to later TCs. Need to check.

“Each Town Center provides 100 food” not sure how else to interpret it

Do you know that khmer farms have a slower food generation rate?
Do you know that Mayan Farmers work slower?

Someitmes there are things different in the game than you would assume from the formulation.

Not very good. 45%-48% in 1200+ elo, barely 45% in 2000+ elo. (I included pre Poles, Hindustanis nerf to have a good number of games).

Indeed. But this changed with time and after DOTD, they went down to even bottom 10 Arena civ for Hera afaiak.

Still? DE fixed that in November 2019. Is it back again?

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Sure? I haven’t read anything about that in the changelogs.
I also made test runs with all civs that have certain special bonusses once and it seemed to be still applied.
Did it change on a later patch? It so that wasn’t communicated.

Search SOTL’s farming videos. At least right after DE release like best farming civs 2020 or something like that.

He assess still it’'s worse with wheelbarrow, which I also found with my testing at that time. I use different values though, but in general it’s still true: At that stage Mayans farmers just work slower.

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