New map pool idea


I maybe have a better solution for the ranked map pool…

  1. Devs choose a selection of the 20 prefered maps
  2. When the 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 start, the game randomly choose 3 maps in the 20 maps pool. (Some « top » maps like Arabia could have a higher percentage of been selected…)
  3. All players have 1min to vote for 2 of the 3 maps (If a player choose less than 2 maps, his vote wont be taken in consideration)
  4. Game launch with the most choosen map. In case of a tie, game randomly choose.
  5. Players have 1min to choose civs.
  6. Game start!!

This will give us the opportunity of playing more maps and also the opportunity of less playing some maps we dont like!

What do you guys think of this?

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I don’t like the random part. What if someone wants to play blackforest or arena 1v1? He will depend purely on luck to play his favorite map.

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And what if in the 3 maps random selection there was always at least one of the 8 most played maps (Ara, arena, nomad, bf, mega etc) ?

We really need a solution to be able to play the other fun maps of this game sometimes… i dont wanna play only 8 maps for years! This is ridiculous and boring!

And with my solution of vote system the game could also be able to mate statistics on players preferences and give a priority of finding opponents with the same maps interest!

so that’s a 1/8 chance of getting arabia or bf? fatslob would die of sadness for being able to play his favorite map only once every 8 matches or so.
If we instead had a simple pool with all 20 maps, we could select the exact “fun map” we want. Those who don’t want to play outside the “same 8 maps” wont be forced to do so. If you select only nile delta, you will have 100% chance to play it, even if you have to wait too long. But hey, your opponent will not resign in the first second upon seing the map because he selected it too.

The extras you are suggesting are, to me, too much work for small gain. Even the current pool is better than your idea, since the change of getting the map you want is 1/5 (in 1v1, 3 bans), while yours is 1/8 for the most played, and then 2/12 for the extras. (review my math, pls). And them your opponent or team could vote for the map you don’t want.

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Sure my idea isnt the best for players who only wants to play 1 map… But is this the majority??? I hope and guess not…this is a sad and boring way to play this game…
And i repeat that the prefered maps could have an higher percentage of been randomly choosen so that the chances to get them will be even higher then now!
Exemple: In the 3 map pool there could be everytime 2 of the 8 best maps and 1 of the 12 other maps. Then players vote!

Even better… in the 3 maps pool there should be 2 of the 5 most played maps ever (Ara, BF, nomad, arena, steppe) and one map out of 15 others!
Come on! Lets give at least this little chance to other fun maps!

Its SURE ! With this system you will have more chances then now to play your favorite maps (if its one out of the 5 most known), and less chances of playing maps you hate in this same top 5 maps pool!

It should be exactly like CSGO. An option to use all maps or just 1. If you want to play only arena why not? I used to be an only arena player, i miss it


Hummm… i understand! But im also sure that now with their new map pool system in DE, lots of old « only one map players » like you are having fun playing other maps! And that’s why they made this!

Maybe there should be a elo ladder for « one map players » and an other elo ladder for « maps pool players » :wink:

nah just keep it exactly like csgo. Some players get their elo playing only dust. But they will never be pro since pro tournaments have all maps

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Just let me play arena all day ■■■■ it i wanna enjoy my civs strengths and bonus before i get destroyed by micro nerds 8 mayan archers vs my 6 skirms with 6 archers left. I got chinnese I was so excited to try block printing in castle age ;((((((((((((


Just bring back the very first matchmaking system and map pool when this game was released last November.

Ban system and the current map pool just suck.

The current horrible map pool has not been changed for more than one month and there is no single official response at all. I guess the devs don’t care or they are just so proud of this crap they created. If so, I hope they at least give a response that they are so satisfied with the current crap pool so I can uninstall the game without hesitation.

Basically I have given up this game. Hopefully they won’t mass up AoE3 DE and AoE4 like this.

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I would like to have some information from the devs about when the mappool is gonna change. IMO it´s time.

From all the map pool discussions I saw so far, I think it’s best if the devs focus on improving the non-rated system such that you can create balanced teams there. People that really want to play only a single map can then do that unranked, and the ranked part then sticks with map pools since that’s a part of competitive play. This is why they designed it this way in the first place, and most people that complain about not being able to play a single map ranked, do this because unranked play is currently not fun to play for them due to lack of balance.

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