New map pool?

We’ve had the same ranked map pool for 3 weeks now with no sign of an incoming change - what’s up?

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I think the last one was kept longer as well. Maybe rotations will just remain for a month from now on.

The last map pool rotation was intentionally skipped but we’ll be back in the usual rhythm with new map pools every two weeks.


Intentionally skipped because of the new DLC? :wink:


I wish… (20 characters)

I am sorry but so when will the new map pool coming?

When ? Will you add new fuatures ?

My guess would be after Master of Socotra 2 (Finals are on March 27th). If I recall correctly Socotra also was one of the fixed maps in the current pool (not voted).

They said current map pool rotation will be 4 weeks in this post

So next map pool probably start from next week.

It is good decision for devs to fix socotra on the map pool for honor of master of socotra. I really appreciate that. But probably next map pool going to change before the final.