There is nothing wrong with a suggestion for another european civ. We do not discriminate here.

Do you have any feedback to provide on the suggestion?

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Would the archer bonuses be changed from being free to having a 60% discount (or similar) solve that OP problem?

Its not racism to say yet another civ that would lack camel/lancer/eagle/elephant would be pretty unexciting. It’s absolutely not even subtextual racist!

And before you ask i didnt flag your post inappropriate and would never have. A shame on whoever did.

What is it if people do not want to discuss a new civ suggestion solely on the basis of this civ being european?

How would it appear if people said they do not want to discuss suggestions for African civs solely because they are African?

PS. Thank you for not flagging my post. To the person who did, you do you.


Just ignore them, some people take their frustration for not having the culture/civilization they wish for in the game with whoever suggest something that it’s different from what they want.

By all means it’s a comprehensible frustration, but still it contribute to nothing except for a toxic community, they just need to vent it.

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Well, I think a huge part of this community is tired of Euro civs for now, but it may change in the future. Sadly, theorycrafters sometimes pay the price for this oversaturation.

Well… Some people do…

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If there were 25+ African civs then id agree with them


Judging by the popularity of Georgians and Armenians I’d say no.

And some people do not want more European civs solely because they are European. They are both wrong.

If they are justifiable I don’t see the problem.

To wrap things up, the discussion is on the suggestion made by the forumer. And let’s stick to that.


Guess these guys are the middle ground,some consider them european some levant some caucasus.

Considering even the Pontic Steppe isn’t really considered part of Europe during the Middle Ages, I’d say the Caucasus isn’t either, especially after the Turks conquered Anatolia.

But they could be a civ with camels or lancers which we could always use more of. What is this civ? Full barracks, full arb and decent light cav and and cavalier with all techs. We have civs like this already.

Also their late game navy scares me. Bonus damage vs ships and extra ship armor AND shipright for discount and train time? If you get late game naval stage vs them you click resign and its even okay early with the damage bonus

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Georgians can have SL line and Armenians camels.

Agree on the first one. That’s what I did in my concept. However, I did not give the Armenians camels, simply because it seemed kinda weird. They also overlap massively with their unique unit, the Aspet, which is an anti-cavalry cavalry unit. It’s much tankier than the camel, so players would have no incentive to train the latter.

I did end up giving the Alans camels AND SL though, to reflect their origins in the Pontic Steppe.

Werent both armenia and georgia big on lance using cavalry vs the sword used by knights

So were literally all European heavy cavalry.

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Not this one at least. It could go on cavaliers, but it believe fast infantry (their unique units), supported by ranged units would be the best call.