Hello, first time publishing here.

As many have done before, I want to propose a new civ. concept for aoe2. I have been thinking for a while on this (I just want to share my idea, 0 pretensions of having it included in the game) and I would love to hear any advice or feedback you have.

LITTLE NOTE BEFORE STARTING WITH THE PITCH (you can skip it). The name I chose for this civ. is Catalaragoneses and it aims to represent the Crown of Aragon. The reasons for this are: that I didn’t find a way to translate the official name to aoe2 terminology and because this territory was created due the dynastic union between the Kingdom of Aragon and the County of Barcelona (also referred to as Catalan Principality) with both territories keeping it’s sovereignty and yet, usually due politic and nationalist reason, people try to use the naming to erase the role of the County of Barcelona and try to present it as a county inside the Kingdom of Aragon which already has been officially denied. The “Catalaragonse Crown” or “Catalaragoneses” is a modern historiography term that tries to present a more accurate picture of that ancient reality. It was never used (as far as I know) during that period. Similar is the case of “Byzantine Empire”, a name establish around the XIX century to refer to the “Easter Roman Empire”. I just wanted to say this in order to avoid any polemics.

Now, to the civ…


The Catalanoaragoneses are a Mediterranean civ based on the Crown of Aragon, a composite monarchy born from the dynastic union of the Heiress of the Kingdom of Aragon and the County of Barcelona (or Catalan Principality). From then, the House of Barcelona, though remaining counts from a sovereign territory, will gain the status of kings thanks to also becoming kings of Aragon. Lately, to these two territories will join the Kingdom of Mallorca, Valencia, Sicily, and other lands alongside the Mediterranean Sea.

They are a naval and economic civilization.

SHIELD: House of Barcelona’s sigil

CASTLE: Inspired on Loarre’s Castle

WONDER: Cathedral of St. Mary of la Seu Vella


  • Farms and sheeps produce an extra +12% of the original quantity of the food there was on the source when it runs out of resources

  • Galley-line has a +15% bonus attack at Castle and +20% at Imperial Age
    NOTE: (I came up with this idea before the Roman’s expansion, so I’m not sure if I should keep with this one, or probably go for a Sicilian-like bonus of resistance against bonus damage)

  • +15%/+20%/+25% of the stone and wood you have storage when advancing Age.

  • Fleetching, Bodkin Arrow, and Bracer are free (though still take time to resarch)

  • Castles, Watch Tower-line and ships have 2 more line of sight.


  • Ships gain +2 anti-ship armor.
    NOTE: (this would change if the galley-line bonus changes)


  • AL-MUGHAWIR: Almogavers ignore the armor and defensive bonus of cavalry units. Infantry units and skirmishers got +2 against Villagers. COST 500F 400G

  • GENERALITAT: Each team Town Centres, Castles, and Monasteries generates gold (0,25 gold/s per building the player; 0,15 gold/s allies, it’s affected by techs like Kasbah or Grand Trunk Road). COST: 500W 500S


It’s a fast, light infantry unit with strong anti-cavalry properties and a quick melee attack. Its peculiarity is that while approaching to attack an enemy, it starts throwing some darts/javelinas until making contact, to which it changes to sword-handed, close combat.

Differently from other range units, the attacks will occur while it’s approaching the enemy (it won’t remind shooting still from a distance if it has a way to go down to the enemy units). However, if walls or other units block their path, or they are unable to reach them and the enemy is in range, it will continue firing.

Almogavers are a bulkier, higher attacker, faster and more versatile, anti-cavalry unit than the halberdier, with very high bonus but they suppose a much higher cost in gold (trying to represent their role as fortune soldiers and the problem they tend to cause to their lord’s economies, so they must be used wisely). Their weak points are meant to be units that can kill them quicker than they can (hand cannoneer, jaguar warrior, and samurai), non-cavalry tank units (teutonic knights), scorpions, battle elephants (due raw power) and defensive structures
NOTE (regarding this last maybe they could have their own class, like condottiere, so Town Centers, Towers, and Castles could have some kind of bonus against them).

Cost: 20F 45G

Training: 9 seconds

Hit Points: 60, 70 (Elite)

Melee Attack 10, 12 (Elite) / Range Melee Attack 6, 9 (Elite)

Melee Ar.: 0, 1

Pierce Ar.: 0, 0

Attack bonuses: +12, +16 (Elite) Cavalry

…+10, +14 (Elite) Camel

…+6, +10 (Elite) Mameluke

…+8, +12 (Elite) Ship

…+4, +8 (Elite) Standard building

ROF: 1.9, 1.7 (Elite) (CLOSE COMBAT)


Accuracy (DISTANT): 85%, 95%

Range: 4, 5 (Elite) (no minimum)

Speed: 1.2, 1.3 (Elite)

LOS: 10, 12 (Elite)

Upgrade Cost: 1.000 food 200 gold


Barracks: Champion – Halberdier – All Techs

Archery range: Arbalester – Elite Skirmisher (lacks Cavalry Archer-line, Hand Cannoneer, Parthian Tactics)

Stable: Light Cavalry – Cavalier - All techs

Siege workshop: Siege Ram – Onager – Scorpion – Bombard Cannon – Siege Tower

Blacksmith: All techs

Dock: Galleon – Fast Fire Ship – Demolition Ship – Elite Cannon Galleon – All techs

University: (lacks Bombard Tower)

Castle: All techs

Monastery: (lacks Atonement)

Economy: (lacks Gold Shaft Mining)



  • Select 1 Si? - Yes?
  • Select 2 Hola - Hello
  • Female Select 3 Preparada - I’m ready (feminine)
  • Male Select 3 Preparat - I’m ready (masculine)
  • Select 4 Mi senyor? - My lord?
  • Task 1 - Yes
  • Task 2 Entensos - Understood
  • Task 3 A les ordres - I shall go
  • Task 4 Ho faré - I shall do it
  • Build Construir - To build
  • Chop Talar - To chop wood
  • Farm Conreà - To gather
  • Fish Pescar - To fish
  • Forage Recollir- To gather
  • Hunt Caçar - To hunt
  • Mine Excavar - To mine
  • Repair Reparar - To repair


  • Select 1 Sí? - Yes?
  • Select 2 Preparat- Ready
  • Select 3 A les orders - At your service.
  • Move 1 Entensos - Understood
  • Move 2 Endavant - Advance
  • Move 3 - Yes
  • Attack 1 Ataqueu - Attack!
  • Attack 2 Aragó!- Aragon!
  • Attack 3 A les armes! - To arms!
  • Attack 4 Sant Jordi! - Saint George!
  • Attack 4 Dispareu! - Shoot!
  • Attack 5 (only Almogavers) Desperta ferro! - Wake iron!


  • Select 1 Si? - Yes?
  • Select 2 Qué vol? - What do you want?
  • Select 3 Digui - Command
  • Select 4 Per Deu - By god
  • Move 1 Vaig- I shall go
  • Move 2 - Yes
  • Move 3 De bon grat - With pleasure
  • Move 4 Ara - Now


  • Select 1 Si? - Yes
  • Select 2 Qué voleu? - What do you want?
  • Select 3 Si em plau - If it please me
  • Select 4 Estic preparat - I’m prepared
  • Move 1 De bon grat - I’ll do what you ask me
  • Move 2 Per la meva gracia - By my grace
  • Move 3 Com vulgeu - As you wish
  • Move 4 Endavant - Advance

CAMPAING IDEA: The conquest of Sicily against France

HISTORICAL BATTLES: An episode from the Catalan Vengance or the conquest of Mallorca


Worst name ever for a civi.


Of course, just what the game needed, another european civ, and not only that, but another spanish civ at that. Wow, the novelty is astonishing.


While I agree that there are too many euro civs, I think catalonia is different enough to be another civ.


The Name and being a euro civ aside heres my Impression.
Others already said in several other threads that the free archer attack/range upgrades are super strong on itself so there is a reason no civ has it.
In this civ its even stronger considering their naval Bonus and free wood and Stone.
The percantage thing is nice but as of now i think its too strong.
You have a good Tower rush, good Archers, can probably afford three tcs or atleast two and a lot of farms, good navy and can go for a castle if you mine 270 stone in feudal age (2001.25 +270=520 5201.25=650)

I would suggest staggering the Bonus to 15/20/25% and make the ranged attack upgrades free to research (but still takes time) or research instantly (but need resources).

Does the 12% Count for every Villager If yes its way too OP, If its only 12food per sheep its ok, but i think the other boni are already enough.

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Thanks, for the feedback. I heard you in all of them.

I did though about the exponential increase and if you consider that would make it more balanced I’ll trust you with that (I have little to no experience playing the game), and I suppose it still has some use if booming or for some extra advantage during the advance of age.

The archer bonus was one of the last I came about with (I wanted to make it have some synergy with their naval bonus status), so I can agree to OP to be free and instant. Probably change them just free.

And regarding the village bonus, I understand that you say it should be limited to the source (one sheep, which gives you and extra 12% once finished) with no relevance to the number of villages working on it, right?

I guess the naval is good?

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May I ask why do you think that?

No one needed, I made it for fun. As simple as that ^^

There is no such word in history its either catalonians or aroganeese.

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Catalanoaragonesa seems to be the Spanish term, and @arnau.hector presumably made a sensible (but incorrect) guess at what the English translation should be. I think the correct English name would be Catalan-Aragonese. It’s a political term, which isn’t the norm for AoE2 civ names, but we do have Byzantines and Aztecs.


Thanks for the correction on the naming, but I must disagree. It’s not a political term it’s a historiographical one (not historical). It’s a term that modern historians have come to better trying reflect the reality of that time (like the Byzantine and Aztecs that you quoted).

On that you are 100% percent right (more or less). Despite the academic field of history accepts the name Catalan-Aragonese historically the names were, indeed, either Catalans or Aragoneese, depending on the geographical zone. However, because this is a civ. inspired in their expansion and conquests in the Mediterranean Sea the historical naming would be Catalans (if it was more focused on the Iberian Peninsula, Aragoneese would probably be a more accurate option). The thing is, not only I don’t want to erase the Aragoneese role in the Crown of Aragon, (I know firsthand how that would feeel because if the name Catalan-Aragonese already creates polemics, despite trying to reflect all the parts in the dynastic union, you can imagine what reaction would provoke if I chose to name them only Catalans, when people are already trying to erase or deny any trace of Catalan identity from history. However, again, you are right. The historically accurate chose would be one of those two. So if this is your feedback I would be willing considerate it.

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That’s what i wanted to say, otherwise it would be too much.

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I agree it’s historiographical. I mean “political” in that it refers to a specific state, i.e. the Crown of Aragon. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on that, although it seems to match what you wrote at the start of the thread.


Okay then, I’ll apply those changes ^^

Oh, in that case, yes. You nailed. Sorry for the confusion ^^

Very overpowered. The food bonus kinda ##### ### the free archer techs + the extra resources each age are insane

15% then 20% and finally 25% is insane? I mean, there are similar civs with bonuses like these, beside it’s only three times and it will and will require an accurate manage of resources to use it as it fulliest. Also +12% for each sheep and farm (once run out of resources) doesn’t seem to me that huge amount of food. It gives advantage on the early game but there are some civs also very strong bonus both economic and military, and some of them are permanent and applicable during all the game.

All of them would be fine in their own but togheter they are way way too much

What would you suggest?