New Minor Civs for South America

Dude, we have like 8 south american maps and 3 natives i think, while asia and north america hace +15 maps each and more natives (and we need more asian natives as well). Right now they are too littlr and the biggest number of natives is in north america


There is a lot to choose from, however I will leave some maps.


Amazon (east)


Personally, I prefer that there is a better division of maps of South America in AoE 3. The map of Amazonas could be divided into several parts.

My favorite South American minor civs:


Quechua (who could be replacement of the Incas as minor civ)




Civilizations belonging to the beginning of the historical age of AoE 3 (such as the Zapotec):





(although some of these civs might look better as Civs from AoE 2)


Chimu are very Unlikely, like Otontin, because they are already in the game, grouped up under other civs, like the Incas, for example.


In terms of gameplay, natives are only recruited in specific native rushs or relatively long games, in the short period of the first 10 minutes they are far from being the priority to spend wood. Maybe they need a buff to make their construction of trading posts more tempting, so that it is worth using developer resources to increase the number of these types of units.


There are many minor tribes that could be implemented and give more life and diversity to the game, not only that, but new maps could also be added. The tairona of Colombia perhaps …?


It’s great to have new natives, but it takes a lot of art to make them and I don’t think it’s right for them to be on the maps just as decoration or as an obstacle.

“Some things should stay niche” some people say, but then why spend time developing these units only to have them out there with little participation? Voices, skins, buildings, icons, etc. It doesn’t seem fair to me that they remain a niche.

The idea is not that they should be used 100% of the games, the idea is that they are viable when you decide to use them.

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I hope for many brand new Minor Nations from Southern America will be added (minimum 5 more).


I think that with the new civilizations of the European continent they have just created an urgent need to re-elaborate all the minor civilizations.

These minor civilizations should be added during rework.

PS: I do not rule out that they should add more minor civilizations throughout the Asian and American continents


I don’t personally want any more traditional natives, the minor native villages we have are ok as they are and there are quite a few, the americas are also represented by quite a few civs with lakota, haud, aztec, usa, mexico and inca.

I’d be very surprised if the next civ isn’t either Danes, Moroccans or Persians. The latter 2 civs being from under represented areas in game.

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It seems unfair to me to treat North America in the same way as Central and South America, North America is overrepresented but Central and South America are underrepresented.

North America:

Central America:

South America:

South America needs the Mapuche as playable indigenous civilization and Argentina, Brazil and Gran Colombia as playable colonial civilizations.

Regarding minor civilizations. Each time there is a greater need to update them and to add more minor civilizations in America, Asia and Africa.


They could of course make any of these civs as we are no longer restricted to just empires.

Mapuche I don’t know much about tbh so maybe.

Brazil was an empire for a short while so it’s probably the most likely and it is the largest in south america post incas.
Gran columbia seems a stretch considering it lasted 10 years.
Argentina I’m not sure what it did since becoming independent, mostly civil wars I believe.

I honestly thought mexico was a stretch, the issue with these civs is it’s a lot of crossover with the spanish. All of them are going to speak spanish and have spanish named units, probably very similar units with all of them being ex colonies of spain other than brazil, Pretty sure all of them are independent from 19th century onwards too.

Denmark seems a way better fit as it had colonies spread out around the globe and the denmark-norway empire lasted over 3 centuries.
Equally the Moroccans and Persians both had large empires.

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The Mapuche are one of the few native civilizations that managed to defeat the Spanish.

After becoming independent, Argentina supported the revolutions of other South American countries, the Argentine language could be a combination of Spanish with lunfardo.

Ok. :slightly_smiling_face:

PS: Let’s try not to deviate from the main topic. Don’t you think that with the new minor civilizations the old ones become obsolete? I think they need a rework

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I think the old minor natives become less interesting but not obsolete. They are still always used in native rushes like with france or inca and always used in treaty.

Wood cost puts a lot of people off too, you need to spend 200w just to be able to train them and they usually cost wood as well. That being said it all depends on your match up and build order. When I play florida as the incas I’ll get both native tp’s at some point because they both contain techs to boost archer damage, I always get the apache too because they shred villagers and are fun to use.

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Would you make any changes to them? Would you like them to add cards to have native allies in a similar way to the Incas? (American Allies Card)

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A Charrúa semi civ should be a hard to make but fun to play
Strong cavalry unit with a long spear with a charge attack to close distance with the shooting enemy, the precedent for that comes from the conquistadors cronica that says;

“dismount and stand your ground come closer to each other and with your horses, shoot only when they are very close and don’t shoot all at once, because if you do, you will not be alive to make another one”

Choose one of the many guaykuru languages and its done


I don’t think that would really help with many civs, inca only send the native embassy for the rush which relies on their 2 builder travois age up.
The embassy card itself is worth 300 resources as an age 1 card and often sent as a second card so most civs would much rather send 3v first and wait until age 2 and send 700 wood over an embassy, makes more sense to just send 700 wood and build a regular native tp for 200w resource wise.

As for changes, I think the techs need a price reduction. Often there’s just a tech I want but I spend 200w just for access to it then the tech itself is expensive. Similarly the units only become worth it when they fill a role you lack, like getting native skirms as the swedes etc.

It is not to help civilizations, it is to make the natives more accessible.

I may be misremembering but doesn’t the Inca American Allies card give you access to the natives and their technologies?

Reduce the price of upgrades or TP?

Note: Is there really no native that you would like the developers to add?

The inca card gives you an embassy and you can choose 1 native to ally with and then not change, either mapuche, carib or zapotec and you get the unit to train and the techs available to buy.

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In the future river and pantanal maps, should be the option to ally with the Payaguaes, the infamous pirates of the Paraguay river
Their unit, jet another weak and slow land archer but when it gets to water the fun beggins, a quick build animation to have a war canoe, much more hp, stealth in water, fast travel and gain resources when destroying a building in shore (enemy ducks and units)

Yes, another guaykuru language to choose


Jivaro as a major civilization would be a good contribution, it is the only native civilization in North and South America to fight against colonial power and win.

They could also be a civilization that connects directly with “terror”