New page that includes pro ELO to see civ perfomance
This one looks much more reliable than others, even you can search your profile and see what are the best civs for you

Now check the Pro winrates in Arabia:




So Vikings and Italians are OP on Islands

A notorious player picked Celts 5000 times.


Great, we really need tools like this so the 1500 Elo AoE2 forum experts can keep on suggesting thoughtful balance changes and cry over those OP civs that have 54% winrate and make the game unplayable for all of us


Oh I read it wrong…

Great site, do u know who invented the page?
if the Elo can be range like every 300, it would be even greater

BTW Berbers really a surprisingly good 1v1 civ. Maybe coz cavs are on top after fixing pathing;
Indians are also good after the buff of light cav vs archers (if vs knight, they can do camels)
So they have good army now with superb econ

Burgundians out-and-out worst civ 1v1, confirmed.

The author published the page on reddit. His/her reddit account is

I have requested him to publish win-rates and pick-rates for units and techs. This way, if you filter the data by elo, civ, map, and age reached, you could know how many times one certain tech is picked and the percentage of victories after picking that tech/unit. This is very interesting for studying unorthodox strategies, like celtic paladins, indian elephant archers, or siege towers.

However, he/she has a lot of work to do. For example some stats are bugged in some maps. Also, the civ icons appears too huge in the smartphone version of the web, so I cannot find my civ if the icon is behind other civis.


Can’t seem to search myself. Is it still in the testing phase, or do I need to include something besides my base username?

The page cant find players at very low elo (I think it is under 800 elo).
I cant find myself too…

Im not sure if it’s the same issue as other sites
But sometimes they struggle to find either myself or opponents that i have looked up. And we’re well above 800. Im guessing it might have something to do with changing the steam name a few times which disassociates with the aoe profile sometimes.

And it goes so far that if I search a player in aoe nexus or insights won’t find them, but if i go through my match list i can find the player and look at their profile from there.

It may be another elo limit, i dont remember.

I think I’m somewhere around 1600 (mid-range Elo) and nothing. Will have to try it again later

Maybe it has something to do with your clan tag? I notice TheViper has his in front of his name…

that’s pretty high, in reddit I have saw people with less elo able to find themselves. Maybe you have not reached enough required games for the stats.

Whatever, the page still have some bugs. Black forest stats cant be despicted.

Hey, thank you for providing this analysis tool. It is very nice to see who likes which civs more and not only for pros but for everyone. However if there’s one thing I would like to suggest, is that hovering over the civs embleme is kind of hard to do. I have to hover like multiple times to see to details of it. I wonder if we can click on embleme to see the details it would be easier.