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  • GAME BUILD #: Latest
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 11

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There is really a lot of lag since the latest patch. Sometimes the game even freezes for over a minute. This is just unplayable…

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

Already lost some games due to this. Or even worse: The lag was so worse, the game just crashes.

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Play a multiplayer game.
  2. Enjoy your lag

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No lag any more. Maybe revert the latest patch until it is fixed, since it didnt happen on previous patches.


Hi @WoodsierCorn696
Could you share with us your DxDiag? We’re currently investigating this issue affecting many players, but not all of them.

Same issue here , they completely screwed us by making the smaller useless animals and shrubbery 4k.

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I think this is my issue as well, I’ve posted it separately, but I didn’t realise it had to do with a change in video quality. In any case, even if I set all graphics to low as I’ve been doing for the past 3 years, it still won’t work.

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I have the same problem, I have not been able to play again since the last update :sob:


me too, thanks for broke the game…again 77


I have the same problem with the new patch, the notes say that fonts have been improved on lower resolution, but the interface is worse here on 1080p, for example when spectating a game the fast forward buttons are very blurry. The game is very sluggish even when spectating you can feel the lag when scrolling the map or drawing a selection rectangle with the mouse.

also the performance test graded me down to 920, not enough for teamgames anymore, it’s a laptop without graphics card, but it worked well before the patch


I used to get benchmark test score between 1050-1100, but in this patch, I get only around 800 with lowest settings. I can’t enjoy every millisecond I play the game, even it’s a mere single player game.


Same here, im Playing with my wife team game vs. 3 AI. We play for years and had no issues so far.
Update 93001 kicks in:
-lags has hell on her PC
-lags on my pc, too. Not has heavy but still anoying.
-No allied view for both of us when market was build.
-One of my steppe lancers got stuck on top of an enemy mill. Never had this issue before.

Edit: the pause button also does not work anymore since the update.


Same here, since latest patch game is very lagging and unplayeble…


I have the same issue. after windows update maybe AOE update too? I experience huge lag I cant play the game anyomore. I am using laptop with XBOX console


Currently not at my pc and probably i dont have time for that in the next days. It seems like many others have the same.kind of issues as well. I do hope someone else is able to upload the DxDiag.

I believe it is a widespread problem, I was playing normally before the last update. I don’t understand how an update of just 80 MB can cause such a loss of performance. Microsoft should look into this urgently, it’s pretty much unplayable right now. If even players with powerful computers are experiencing the same problem.


theres like 3-4 people tested the PUP and reported the lag from day 1 of PUP release, which was well over 3 weeks ago yet they didn’t address the problem and continue to push the update…

what is the point of PUP then?


Press F11.

And check your FPS. I’m playing with 11 FPS, with the lowest graphics configuration. They improved graphics even for the lowest configuration. What were you thinking?

My computer ###### but I could decently played with much higher FPS.

IT IS COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY LIKE THIS. Not even in single mode. Worst patch ever. Just closing the game for a while…


The performance issues that have been introduced with the new update need to be solved as soon as possible. I do not think the issue only affects me and it has gotten to the point where players think that other players are lagging the game for all, which someone can let me know if it is not true, but since I believe the game runs off a server that is not possible.


Thanks everyone for reporting.
We are aware of and working on a performance issue affecting users of GPUs which do not correctly support Shader Model 5.0.
For currently known workarounds please see this page, “Performance issues due to font and image shaders”.


Game stutters and lags terribly after todays update when before I could usually play with little difficulty.
Also markets didn’t allow us to see our allies until much later.
Is there any plan to fix this bug in the near future?

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Thanks, with this solution the game continues to run a little slow but I can now play, I hope there will be a definitive solution soon :face_holding_back_tears:

For me this just makes the navigating the menu slightly more bearable, but the game continues to be plainly impossible to play. Won’t there be a rollback until this is fixed? Not only a lot of people can’t play, but those of us who are experiencing this also lag the game for everyone else.