New patch bug. Building market doesn't give teammate vision

I don’t know if this issue is common, but last game I can’t see my teammates even after making a market. Then in mid game suddenly the map is revealed. (I think after I made a monastery?)


I just played a few ranked team games with a friend a neither of us had that bug.

I also tried it with AI teammates and didn’t have that problem.

Did you maybe use some non-standard settings?

I had the same issue, but team vision never revealed. I did not build a monastery.

I had a second issue in which the hot key did not work for creating trade carts. I could click on the trade cart icon, but the hot key did not work.

Why not post it as a bug report ?^^

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I had that bug as well on the PUP. It is in my opinion bugged.
I’d just enable shared exploration from the settings, thats a good workaround and gives teammate vision from the start.

When i wrote it i wasn’t sure it’s a common bug or just me. So i ask forum first

Btw the lobby browser filter option is still not fixed. Crossing out password games still show password games. I posted it in bugs and still nothing happens

Anyhow, I think if the modding is changed for all the mods I think it must be a discussion first than a report of bug