New patch is not installed & problems starting the game.

The game has not started for a short time (error code 0x80070002). I can only start it “as administrator”. This may have something to do with the latest patch. I can’t get it downloaded. When I click on “manage” / files / “check for updates” in the X Box app, nothing happens. It says “last updated November 5, 2022”. I’m using Windows 10 and when I start the game as administrator, I can’t participate in any multiplayer games without the new patch.

The download instructions on the page

only provides the category “Download on the Xbox App for Windows 11” - does that mean the update cannot be used for the Xbox App for Windows 10?

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Strange, i downloaded it and started to play normally, You use steam?

No I use the Xbox App. Win 10 & X Box app and Microsoft Store is - by the way - up to date.

Oh, then i can’t help You. I hope You fix it!

I have fixed it with updating to win 11.

I still use Windows 10, but I’ve managed to be having the latest patch. I use Steam to play AoE4 by the way.