New patch players hacking?

hello beloved community, can you please look at the screenshots below and tell me if this player was doing anything suspicious? He rushed me at like 5 minutes with more units than I have ever seen an ottoman player send. I protected my base, started pushing and instantly hit with another wave. thank you. I have edited out the names of the players to comply with forum rules.

how did he get like… 2k wood instantly?

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Sounds like sublime porte card
Check his food gathering rate
The card swaps all food for 1.25x wood
Famously used in FIs but recently ive heard it being used to flood people with azaps

Check the record game and see if he has that card. Aoe3 has several cards that can transfer resources like sublime porte


That’s what he did you are correct - I am watching the replay though and this player keeps his camera in the fog of war barely moving the whole time???

It’s sublime porte card as platypus said. No hack or anything just a good strat.

How does he micro not moving his camera but directing villagers to get food etc.

Recording is probably bugged, often the screen lock thing doesn’t work well. Otherwise hotkeys and shift clicking can save a lot of time.