New patch seems to include new civ tunes for Indian civs

I don’t think the patch is out, so I don’t think I can check, but I’m in the process of watching Ornlu’s video and I noticed the in-game tune for the Bengalis is different than it was before.

In case you don’t know, at least two, most likely all three, of the civs in Dynasties of India used preexisting stock tunes, which I felt was incredibly lazy and cheap. Can someone confirm that the tunes are now different? If so, that’s a massive change that I feel is really important. Avoiding usage of modern stock tunes in a historical game like AoE2 is incredibly important for immersion, and also helps make the civs stand out more. Changing the tunes was something I called for adamantly, and it seems they may have listened.


I’d be very happy if this is the case

Me too, of course. I like the civ-specific music cues, and I was pretty outraged when I learned the Indian ones were cribbed from stock tunes.

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At least the Bengali tune is different. The other three i think are the same.

Well, that’s dumb. The Gurjaras’ and especially Dravidians’ tunes also used stock music, so they should be changed too. I hope you’re wrong.

Damn! I planned to play Bengalis civ theme on my wedding (if that ever happens). 11

You still can! I believe it’s a generic stock theme called Tantric Breath.

Yes, it is a newer theme for Bengalis. No changes to Hindustani, Gurjara and Dravidian themes. Hope at least the Punjabi element is removed from Dravidians theme.

What? Why?? Why didn’t they change the Gurjara and Dravidian themes? They just used stock music!


That’s awesome! Finally Bengalis got fixed.

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Maybe one theme at a time. They need to pay musicians and stuff


Is it? I honestly liked how it sounded like the Taiidan Empire’s theme from Homeworld.

Hmmm, that still sounds a whole lot like the original to me, at least in terms of tune. I kinda wish it were completely different. But at least it’s not just reused stock music.

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Atleast it is the flute now (which was a part of krishna devotism) instead of the shehnai earlier which is exclusively used in wedding ceremonies only.

That’s why I said this before.

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