New PC to play AOE2DE and stream games

Hey guys,

I want to upgrade from playing on a laptop to playing + streaming on a tower pc.
Do you have any recommendations or things I have to look out for?

I already know that single core performance is the most important for AOE. For streaming the CPU is also very important, so I was wondering if I even need a grafics card.

Also would it be possible to continue playing on my laptop and get a capture card + PC for only streaming?

All help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

ryzen 9 5950X + 3090RTX
thank me :slight_smile:

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Yes thats possible. Then you only need a pc with an OK ish cpu to stream the data to the web.

You dont need overly high stuff for that. You can stream and play fine with a 4 year old CPU of your choice. Having atleast 8 cores at 3.5 ghz as reference.
that way you can stream at 1080P.

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thank you very much!

do you by any chance have experience with Dual PC setup with NDI. So no capture card, but streaming your screen via a network protocol. It would be even cheaper as capture card is around 100€ and

i would probably suggest just using OBS or something similar, with a good enough CPU ala r5 5600x you should be more than capable streaming using that.

capture cards are IMO kind of a waste, you can get more than acceptable recording and streaming with a good GPU or CPU.

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