For anyone who missed it the new PUP is available RIGHT NOW! Play as the Malians, Ottomans or try the naval rework. In Steam, right click AOE 4, click Properties, Beta, then select the Beta.


already downloading! i am hyped af

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Excited to see how they play out!

Seeing those African Vils, really makes me want Vils skins for aoe2 even more. So much more immersive

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AOE 2 needs more skins than anything else. Aztec longswords and crossbows are what drove me away from the game.


Can anyone help me with the beta code? :smiley:

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There is none since it’s a public preview. Just leave it blank and close the window out.


Thank you very much! :heart_eyes:

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time to try it out! cant wait

I can’t load into any game (custom, campaign, single player) ??? did my verification of my files 5 times and reinstalled the aoe4 real game? I even went into the local files location where the alleged beta files are and deleted everything that had a current date on it (9/13/2022) and did verify right after to re-download them… STILL NOT WORKING :frowning:

So you could only play it if u have AOE4 on steam not if you have it from XBOX store?

Same here, it loads the game, then just when the play button would appear, it crashes. Tried it twice, same thing both times. Reinstalling the normal version, total waste of time downloading 5.2GB for the PUP then 2.6GB to revert.

I was hoping the naval rework would be about adding new mechanics like melee ramming and boarding. Turns out it’s just making all the ships the same because they’re so bad at balancing.

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@Shneider177 @breeminator

We have received some reports of a crash that can occur on initial launch of the PUP Build, or when entering your first match on the PUP, and remains consistent on re-launch. This issue is not impacting all players, and as we investigate a potential fix, we would ask players that are encountering this issue to reach out with their Warning Log.

Warning Logs can be found here: Documents\My Games\Age of Empires IV - Test

Please send a copy to Customer Support with a brief description of your experience:


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how start it with windows store?

Kekw steam only privilege…blame Microsoft

Thanks. Launching the game was fine but I experienced such crash when starting the first match.

Loading times seem considerably longer too.

Other than that, fairly stable PUP.

What they did is exactly what i was expecting. Too many new things isnt good for the simplicity of AoE4. It will lose it’s competitive touch if too many “gimmicks” are added.

We must have BaLaNCe…

No, AoE3 doesn’t exist.

Hi all, i have a Problem: I pay the Anniversary Version and i see Malians and Otmans but i don´t see the campain. I have something wrong ?
Thank you for answer

Sorry, but Campaign is only 4 Civs: English , France , Mongol & Rus.

Malian & Ottoman is playable in skirmish & multiplayer, not Campaign.

Ok, thank you, reading makes clever… :disappointed_relieved:
Thank you for answer