New random civ option

I’d like an option to set a bunch of favorite civs and then choose “Random Favorite” as an extra option when choosing a civ. The Random Civ would only apply if the majority voted to pick their civilization. This would be an alternative for picking a civilization, and not an alternative that occurs if everyone votes to random civ. To re-iterate, if everyone votes to random civ, “Random Favorite” would NOT apply and if the player selected it they’d get a true random civ like everyone else.

This option would be great for players like myself who prefer to play with full random civ even if everyone else is choosing to pick civ. With this option, if players end up voting to pick civs, I’d end up playing a random civ from my favorite’s list instead of a full random civ.



This is a frequently proposed idea, and I think many players would like this QoL feature.

People who are against it usually want to avoid giving unimportant work to the devs (so that they can focus on crashes, bugs, ang unit pathing). And they give you the alternative of doing this random civ picking by yourself, out of the game, using a random number generator.


I prefer to have a ban draft system rather than this system. IMO, the game really needs in-game ban draft system considering the amount of civs that we have now and conisdering it takes so long to balance the civs.
Let’s start with having a ban draft for 5 civs. This would be good.

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This is another way of saying “Your suggestion isn’t as important as my suggestion so your suggestion should be ignored.” I’m not saying this should be the #1 priority for the devs, just that it should be a consideration. If we use the “can’t do any QoL changes because bugs are more important” thing then we can just abuse this to shut down any discussion that isn’t favored by the majority. I’m not saying you are doing this but I see this line of thinking on many other public game forums. There’s no harm in discussing suggestions.

This is an entirely different concept than what I am proposing and deserves its own topic. What I am suggesting has nothing to do with balance or fairness in gameplay.

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this is a good idea I remember someone suggested before but no news that this features will be added

The problem with that argument is that a) this function already exists in AoE in a way (random map selection from a pool of maps while hosting custom lobbies), and b) even if it didn’t, this would not be anything difficult to implement. You could pretty reasonably give this task to some random intern or just one guy to implement and it’d be fine.

Dev teams can tackle multiple problems at the same time.

sure nice qol, although rn u can do it through a rng online. ie write. 1 = burgundian. 2 = burmese. 3 = bengalis etc.