New RoR campaigns

The teasers mentioned three new campaigns and it was illustrated with Trajan’s campaign with AoE2’s style map, and we also know the Romans will be in both AoE1 and AoE2’s game modes. I wonder if those campaign will be for AoE1 or AoE2. Considering Trajan lived before even the crisis of the 3rd century it would be extremely weird if it was AoE2’s Romans. It also brings the question will the og campaigns be back.

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They will be for Return of Rome. Under Trajan was the peak of the Empire (Anno Domini CXVII for the exact apex), the Iron Age Romans with all techs unlocked. It’s with the Crisis of the 3rd Century then the 4th century reformations (Diocletian and Constantine notably) that we leave AOE1’s territory to get the shadow of the Empire that we see in the earliest AOE2 campaigns.

The BIG problem with the old AOE1 campaigns is how barebones they are, you could set victory conditions but there was no trigger system. Compared to AOE2 campaigns, especially the quality of new campaigns since the DE, they would feel too simplistic.

Honestly, I’d take 3 good campaigns over 10 poor one. Maybe they remade them all, it would be big but they did remake most Forgotten campaigns when DE was released.


I assume it’s AoE1 campaigns considering how early Trajan is.
But also considering where the campaign takes you, will they use random civs as standins for civilisations likes Celts, Thracians and so on again?

I understand there will be only three campaigns and all three will be ROR exclusive.

The Steam Page lists the Campaigns.
Those are all clearly AoE1 campaigns.


And I guess there will be AOE Romans for ROR and AOE2 Romans that will replace Bizantynes in some campaigns and become available for pickim in random map mode.

Now the big question : WHO will be the other campaigns ?

One artwork is Alexander entering Babylon and Alexander the Great is definitely on the top of the list of rulers that should have one.

I whished they would have redone original campaigns =/

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Oh, I didn’t see that! I’m surprised we didn’t get a Lac Viet campaign considering it’s the brand new civ of this dlc, nor an Egyptian or Babylonian one as they are the one on the dlc promotional picture together with the legionary. Interesting choices though. A bit weird to pick Pyrrhus over Alexander or any of the diadochi for Macedonians, but why not I guess.


Probably cause Pyrrhus was alive during Rome’s immediate rise as a superpower.

Oh no, prices have gone up.

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I mean, to me it makes it even weirder, as there’s a huge gap between the Sargon campaign and the other two…

Considering Sargon is literally the earliest emperor history has definitive proof of and a record of his accomplishments i think it doesn’t really matter what happens next.

I really hope there are properly reskinned AOE1DE heroes added.

Because there is literally little to nothing known which can be used for the Viet campaign. Wasted no Egyptian campaign or a Persian one (rise of Achaemenids etc).

The rise of the Achaemenids, starting with Cyrus and ending with Xerses burning Athens after defeating Leonidas at Thermopylae, would be a great choice indeed. We know the Greeks would defeat the Persian fleet at Salamis approximatively 5 minutes after but it’s a good ending point.

The problem with a campaign in East Asia would be an awful variety of civs, like for Pachacuti’s campaign. China was nowhere near as extended as for later dynasties, the Chosons would probably be chilling in their fortified peninsula like they did for most of their history and the Yamato would be yet another attempt at unifying Japan, in all 3 cases you would mainly fight your own civ. I rather see a Bronze Age mesopotamian campaign.

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There is one screenshot where I saw new greek/roman hero model on horseback with cape, since it had glow it must be hero.

The 2 other campaigns are Pyrrhus of Epirus, and Sargon of Akkad.

Solid choices.

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On the steam page its written “Enjoy the improvements from Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition within the gameplay of the classic Age of Empires: Gates Formations
Trade carts
Improved path finding
User interface improvements
Visual enhancements
Observer mode
Improved artificial intelligence of computer opponents
And much more!”

What does that mean? can we play AoE 1 campaigns with these additions?

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There also is a very large gap between Pyrrhus (it’s the early Roman Republic that was extending into southern Italy, before even the Punic Wars) and Trajan (the Roman Empire at its peak).

The history of Mesopotamia was quite repetitive, one overlord empire after another as there was zero natural defences on this very flat region. Even some foreign empires (the Persians notably) would just be yet another overlord. The one time there was a big game changer was with the Bronze Age collapse around -1200 but there is little data about that, we don’t even know who the Sea Peoples were.