New royal house concept:The House of Stuart We need all new Native minor and all New more European royal house’s and rework

Yeah,the family’s decline began under Charles’ son King Wenceslaus, deposed by the prince-electors in 1400 who chose the Wittelsbach Elector Palatine Rupert. In 1410 rule was assumed by Wenceslaus’ brother Sigismund, who once again stabilized the rule of the Luxembourgs and even contributed to end the Western Schism in 1417; however, with his death in 1437, the senior branch of the dynasty became extinct. He was succeeded by his son-in-law, the Habsburg archduke Albert V of Austria. The Habsburgs finally prevailed as Luxembourg heirs, ruling the Empire until the extinction of their senior branch upon the death of Maria Theresa in 1780.

Sigismund, the main antagonist of the Jan Zizka campaign in 2 DE is in fact from the house of Luxembourg…

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Exactly. Such a Royal House could perfectly complement such maps:

  1. Bohemia
  2. Low Countries
  3. Saxony (not if the Brandenburg map was added)
  4. Budapest
  5. Hungarian Plains

Potential brand new maps for Luxembourg Royal House:

  1. Silesia
  2. Brandenburg
  3. Croatia
  4. Slovakia

But it’s not a good fit because the house of Luxembourg was dissolved in 1451. That’s like saying add the house of Jelling to cover all the regions around the North Sea. It’s just too anachronistic.

My map position:




  • River trade
  • Bridges!!!

Royal Houses:

  • House of Vasa
  • House of Oldenburg (they would be replaced by the Royal House of Hohenzollern if they were added to the game)

Shouldn’t there be 7 for the Euler reference?

Of course! I think in the Large Map version there should be so many bridges available.

This reminds me that we don’t really have a skirmish map with bridges.

Skirmishes on the bridge would be interesting - especially if Bridges were destructible objects.

Imagine the moment when your artillery bombarding the bridge decimates the enemy army and they sinks in river because you destroyed the bridge!

There are bridges in the Indian campaign and in the historic battle of “Grito de Dolores” and as far as I know, they are indestructible…

I wish that The developers have announced that all new European royal houses and Asian aborigines will appear after the spring update

Wait, wait… How do you know that the spring update will add brand new European Royal Houses and also Aborigines (which is tantamount to adding Oceania maps) ???

He’s just saying this:

“I wish that the developers would add new Royal Houses and Asian native peoples in the spring update.”

But his broken English makes him phrase it like he’s a prophet predicting that.


It would be nice if he was a prophet :joy:


How do I know? This is because they are still waiting for the spring update. For the European royal family and the Asian aborigines to appear slowly, it may long time. But It is possible that developers will not add more things, I don’t know :neutral_face:

European ‘home’ Royals

I’d love to see all Europeans have access to a Royal Embassy and a relevant Royal House depending on Civ.

Currently two European civs get a Royal Embassy wagon shipment via their Home City which allow them a historically-linked quirk of having access to Native units tied to the Civ in question. They are:

Germans - Prince Electors
Ships 1 Royal Embassy Wagon; choose any one German Royal House as an ally that will allow you to recruit and upgrade units at the Royal Embassy; allied units will now cost population in the Royal Embassy and Home City; removed cost for Royal Houses alliances; player can choose from Hanover, Habsburg, Oldenburg, Wettin, and Wittelsbach


France - Ancien Régime**
Ships 1 Royal Embassy Wagon; the House of Bourbon grants access to its royal units, upgrades, and two technologies (Bourbon Reforms and Royal Tax) in the Royal Embassy; Bourbon units now cost population slots when acquired from the Royal Embassy or the Home City

The Suggestion
I would like to propose that all Europeans get access to a Royal Embassy Wagon shipment as a universal European quirk. Forts & Factories were the original (almost) exclusive Euro building they could ship, though this had expanded with the Post-Independent civs and very limited Consulate shipments.

Royal Houses ruled and were incredibly important (well, until you chop their heads off) so for Europeans to all have access to a Royal Embassy and Houses intrinsically linked to them seems justified. France and Germany being the ‘first’ two to have Royal Embassy wagons actually show us centralised Civs (French) getting a singular Royal House to focus on and non-centralised Civs (Germans) get a choice of a few Houses, which let’s them thematically narrow themselves to a particular German state.

With that in mind, Italy being a non-centralised Civ made of many states would get more Royal House options (that allow you to focus on a single particular City State with, like how German’s Prince-Elector currently works), in comparison to the centralised Britsh with their Hanover and potentially Tudor, Stuart (complete with Jacobite Rev!) and Nassau-Orange (shared also with the Dutch) Royal Houses.

On the gameplay-side it freshens up the standard Europeans by way of using Native units tied to their civ which is balanced by the investment of the shipment itself plus Native-benefitting techs/shipments. Whilst we have Civ packs covering a range of regional traits, it would be nice for the Europeans to get something intrinsically linked to them that they can access, especially as the Germans and French have this.

For the absolute minimum change, the existing Royal Houses can be used (Habsburgs will be super-common as they were so prominent), but maximum would be a few more new Royal Houses thrown in.