New royal house concept:The House of Stuart We need all new Native minor and all New more European royal house’s and rework

House of Stuart: Scotland, Ireland, England, France
New units:Scottish Clansmen、Lochaber、 Highlanders Handed Swordsmen、Bagpiper、Kern
Royal Ability:
The Wapenshaw (Spawns more Scottish Clansmen and Bow Clansmen the longer you wait. Scottish Clansmen are a shock infantry unit that are quick and effective vs all other Infantry. Scottish Clansmen will spawn from each barracks you have however are medium HP and armour troops Appear to be of high value Bow Clansmen has of Fast shooting speed, large range,low HP and high shooting ability but Bow Clansmen is an foot Archer for barracks each training) Unique Techs:
Jacobite Rebellion (Gold only tech, all Musketeer units become Highlanders, Musketeer style units gain 10% melee damage and 10% additional ranged armour Age IV)
Highland Regiments (Allows training of Highlanders in the Barracks or equivalent and Tavern, 10% bonus ranged damage vs Cavalry as well Age III)
Scottish Pikeman Model (Improves all Pikemen and Spearmen style units by giving 10% extra HP and 10% bonus damage vs cavalry Age II)
Gallowglass(Reduces Gold costs of all mercenaries by a small amount Age II)Gallowglass is new Irish’s mercenaries unit in barracks’s and Tavern、Palace、Monastery and saloon training


It would be nice to have on the English and Scottish maps settlements of the two houses that disputed the throne… Hannover and Stuart…


Although there are a few Scottish units that would be cool to have represented, I don’t think a royal house is the best fit. Royal houses were picked as the way to represent European “natives” because they can appear on a wide selection of maps. House of Stuart is limited to just the British Isles so it’s not a great fit in that respect.

The only reasonable house that’s not in the game would be the house of Nassau which ruled over parts of the low countries, Britain, France, and Germany.

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I strongly support the addition of brand new Minor Civilizations from all continents. On European maps alone you can see how many of them are missing… Africa and South America are really missing a lot of Minor Civilizations. Asia needs a whole new type of MC instead of the universal Holy Sites - which already appear on non-Asian maps.


The House of Savoy is also a reasonable choice for a house, but they’re already represented through the Italian Team Card of the same name. I’d prefer that we get more South American Natives, though.

Yeah, they would also be an okay option. And I agree that Europe has more than enough houses already. I’d love to see more in the Americas like Muisca, Jivaro, and Inuit.


In my opinion, the Royal Houses need a good makeover.

Below I will present Unique Units that should somehow appear in full-fledged civs or revolutions:

House of Bourbon

Here, all units look like they should have French civ as a base - after all, now French civ is the Kingdom of France, not revolutionary-napoleonic france (this happens only after the revolution). This may sound controversial, but I believe these units should replace accordingly:

  • Musketeer :arrow_right: Royal Musketeer
  • Cuirassier :arrow_right: Royal Horseman
  • Dragoon :arrow_right: Royal Dragoon

The French Revolution could replace Royalist units with standard units. Royal Horseman would of course be replaced with Cuirassier.

Brand new Units for this Royal House:

  • Chouan - Breton royalist insurgent
  • Mounted Grenadier

House of Habsburg

I am in favor of adding Prussians civ and making the current Germans civ - Austrians civ. Units present in this RH should be listed in Germans civ. For example:

  • Line Infantry - this unit would replace Landwehr (in Scharnhorst Reform Home City card) which would become the unit for the Prussian civ
  • Mounted Infantry - this unit would replace Wittelsbach Chevaulegers (in Princely Bavarian Chevaulegers Home City card - ofc this card would be given a completely new name)

Brand new Units for this Royal House:

  • Standschützen
  • Feldjäger
  • Bosnian-Herzegovinian Rifleman
  • Goral - brand new Unique Villager Unit. They will be speak in Slovak language

House of Hanover

This Royal House should become even more Westphalian/West German. I think here it is necessary to add typical British Royal Houses like Stuards and Tudors.

First of all, I would like to point out that the presence of Drummer as a unique entity exclusive to this Royal House is bizarre. This unit should be in every Royal House.


  • Totenkopf Hussar (this unit would be transferred to Prussians civ) :arrow_right: Tanzhusaren (“Dancing Hussars” in German. Westphalian Regiment)

Brand new Units for this Royal House:

  • Tanzhusaren (“Dancing Hussars” in German. Westphalian Regiment)
  • Westphalian Fusiler

House of Jagiellon


  • Shock Rider (this unit would be transferred to Croatian or Serb revolution) :arrow_right: ######### (Grand Ducal Lithuanian light cavalry)

House of Oldenburg


  • Northern Musketeer - It should become for the Russians civ something similar to the Landwehr of the Germans civ. Just a Home City card would replace the archaic Strelet (from the time of Ivan the Terrible) with the Northern Musketeer.

Brand new Units for this Royal House:

  • Schelswig unit?

House of Phanar

The strangest and most chaotic Royal House of all. Probably the easiest way to convert it into a kind of representation of Ottoman Europeans - Romanians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Bosniaks, Albanians and Serbs.



  • Evzone (this unit would be transferred to real Greek revolution) :arrow_right: Bosniak?
  • Sacred Band Infantry (this unit would be transferred to real Greek revolution) :arrow_right: Shock Rider?

House of Vasa

Polish content to Poles civ.


Winged Hussar (this unit would be transferred to Poles civ) :arrow_right: Livgardet Dragoon

Brand new Units for this Royal House:

  • Livgardet Dragoon

House of Wettin and House of Wittelsbach

House of Wettin and House of Wittelsbach are in my opinion the best RH of all. The only changes I propose for them are:

  • Rename Saxon Cuirassier into ?
  • Rename Chevauleger into Bavarian Chevauleger
  • Rename Mountain Trooper into Bavarian Jäger

The mostly most missing Royal Houses in the game:

  1. House of Ascania - Anhalt, Saxony, Brandenburg, Saxony-Lauenburg, Lüneburg
  2. House of Nassau - Netherlands, England, Scotland, Luxembourg, Orania, Nassau
  3. House of Luxembourg - Holy Roman Empire, Austria, Bohemia, Hungary, Croatia, France, Luxembourg
  4. House of Medici - Italy
  5. House of Savoy - Italy, Spain
  6. House of Tudor - Scotland, England, Ireland, Great Britain
  7. House of Stuart - Scotland, England, Ireland, Great Britain
  8. House of Trastámara - Castile, Aragon, Sicily, Spain
  9. House of Rurik - Ruthenia, Russia

I’d also like more South American natives and non-holy site natives in Asia, but I think those regions would also need to be split into more maps since the devs want minor civs to show up in at least three maps. I’d also add Sufis to some “European” maps like Eurasian Steppe and Anatolia (maybe Mediterranean as well, but I think Berbers are a better fit for that last one).

South America

At the moment there are only 3 South American Minor Civilizations - Quechua, Tupi and Mapuche. This is definitely not enough for such a huge area! If I remember correctly, there are 11 South American maps in the game. I think it would be possible to increase their number to 16-18 in total. In that case I would suggest adding 3-6 brand new Native Minor Civilizations from South America. That way South America would finally get the love it deserves. Of course, a good complement for South America would be new civs (unfortunately, but I doubt that the developers will ever decide to create native civs from America as full-fledged civs, e.g. Mapuche, Muisca or Cherokee :frowning: ). Argentinians, Brazilians and Gran Colombians would represent their South American regions in a great way.

Central America

I think that along with the South American update, there should also be a smaller Central America update. I think there should be more Caribbean maps (1-3) and also maps from Mexico (1-3). With this would come the brand new 2 Native Central American Minor Civilizations. Maybe a nice bonus would be Caribbean Pirates as an additional Minor Civilization?

North America

North America compared to the rest of America has a really good representation of Minor Civilizations and a lot of maps. It would be nice to see something new in this region (new native Minor Civilizations and maps), but I think this is the least updated area in the game right now.


In short: you have to do everything from scratch!

Asia has relatively fewest maps of all continents in the game. There should be 3 times more of them!!!. Deccan could be easily divided into 5 regions. Middle East and Caucasus has been omitted! Since the launch of TAD, virtually all of Asia has been omitted.

Asian Holy Sites is something very bizarre, they just should never do it. Since we already have it in the game, the entire Minor Civilization category should be considered as a map supplement. You can add some brand new Holy Sites to make them even more versatile, e.g. Orthodox Monastery, Hussite Camp, Catholic Basilica and Protestant Settlement.

I leave the idea for a completely new category of Asian Minor Civilization to those who know this area of the globe better. If America has native peoples, Africa has kingdoms and Europe has Royal Houses then Asia should have something similar - maybe Asian Dynasties would be a good idea???

If I remember correctly, there are 20 Asian maps in total. I think that after adding such areas to the game as the Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asia, the total number of all Asian maps should be at least 50 (20 current +30 brand new maps). With so many maps, the number of Asian Minor Civilizations should be at least 12 (which is still a small number for all of Asia!). Areas such as the Caucasus, India, and Southeast Asia are areas that could have the largest number of Minor Civilizations and maps at the same time. I think you could use Linguistic Maps to suggest how many potential Asian Minor Civilizations there might be:

I hope that the spring update will bring order to Asia! The significantly increased number of maps and a completely new type of Minor Civilizations could be a kind of free Asian DLC - it would be solid ground for future Asian DLCs.


I want South and Central Africa in this game! I think that some maps can be easily divided into two or even three, e.g. Dunes and Sahel. There should be a minimum of 15 African Minor Civilizations alone (10 more). I liked African maps so much that I definitely want more of them!


I touched on the issue of Europe above:

I believe this is the bare minimum for European maps. The repetition of some Royal Houses is very annoying. Areas such as the Mediterranean and the British Isles need their own Royal Houses. Eastern Europe also lacks something of its own. Royal Houses like Ascania, Nassau and Luxembourg would complement the Central European maps which are overcrowded with the same Royal Houses.

I once wrote about even more Royal Houses (16 brand new ones, which is 7 more than here) and I think it would be good if the developers would consider adding a lot more European maps (more than we know about).

In red, I marked the European maps already present in the game, which should be divided into 2-3 completely new ones. Spain, France, Italy and especially Scandinavia are too huge areas that could be easily divided. The other areas I marked in red should get 1-2 brand new maps.


  1. Andalusia
  2. Aragony
  3. Italy (curently map rename to Padania)
  4. Sicily
  5. Croatia
  6. Moesia Superior
  7. Normandy
  8. Alsace & Lotharingia
  9. Bavaria
  10. Austria
  11. Westphalia
  12. Brandenburg
  13. Silesia
  14. Prussia
  15. Norway
  16. Lapland
  17. Slovakia
  18. Moldavia
  19. Crimea
  20. Wild Fields

I am very supportive of increasing Minor Civilizations in South American. especially in Muisca, Guarani, Charrua and aymaran.
If there must be religious organizations in Asia, I hope they can improve the influence of ######### and Theravada. Buddhist organizations embodied in the game are all branches of Mahayana, ignoring the differences between Buddhism


I agree, it would be a good place for the War Elephant unit that got bumped out of the Sufi site.


I have to disagree partially. “Mainland” US is well represented. I think South and Central America should take priority, but Canada and Alaska aren’t much better off. Also Mayas and Zapotecs should be removed from SA maps.

As for Asia, I think it should get natives in the same style as native americans and african kingdoms. I hate how both DE and WoL decided to keep Asian natives restricted to holy sites.

I think Anatolia and Eurasian Steppe could be split as well. Maybe even the Mediterranean (also why does that last one only have European minor civs?).

Edit: before I forget, in the AoE3 companion app and in other maps’ loading screens, you can see a few maps that aren’t in the game yet (Malta, Iceland, Wales, Caucasus, Balearic Islands, Muscovy and Gibraltar). Maybe those could be the chance to increase the variety in European minor civs.

Also, I think maybe Europe shouldn’t be restricted to Royal Houses as minor civs? Since not every group/nation that isn’t relevant enough to be playable but could still add some flair to the game can be represented by a Royal House.

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Permission Should be house of Nassau,The House of Stuart House of Ascania,House of Medici - Italy,House of Savoy ,House of Tudor,House of Trastámara and House of Rurik join the all European maps

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You missed a Luxembourg Royal House (Bohemian Crown Lands and rest Central Europe).

What holdings did the Luxembourgs have after 1500? From what I’ve seen, they fell from prominence before the timeframe in which the game takes place.

I think a non-Royal House nordic minor civ could interesting for the supposed Iceland map and a potential Greenland one

Also if Luxembourg is supposed to represent Burgundians, I think Habsburgs would be better.

The devs have avoided that, but personally I wouldn’t have a problem with royal houses and cards representing the same families (as long as there’s enough maps to put them in lol).

it is not necessary to replace anything…just put a fortress age card unique to the French to change normal units for their royal versions and that’s it…

Wettin Cuirassiers…

[quote=“MUTYLATOR5553, post:12, topic:224430”]
I hope that the spring update will bring order to Asia! The significantly increased number of maps and a completely new type of Minor Civilizations could be a kind of free Asian DLC - it would be solid ground for future ##### ############## [/quote]

Sure, with Persia and Oman…you split some maps of Asia and add some of East Africa…

Kongo and Mupata/Rozvi…

In 1443 the last member of the senior branch of the House of Luxemburg, Duchess Elisabeth, sold the Duchy of Luxembourg to Duke Philip the Good of Burgundy, a prince of the French House of Valois. In 1477 the duchy passed by marriage of Philip’s granddaughter, Mary of Burgundy, to Archduke Maximilian I of Austria of the House of Habsburg. Luxembourg was one of the fiefdoms in the former Burgundian Netherlands which Maximilian and Mary’s grandson, Emperor Charles V, combined into an integral union, the Seventeen Provinces, by issuing the Pragmatic Sanction of 1549. The southern Netherlands remained part of the Habsburg Empire, first held by the Spanish branch and then by the Austrian line, until 1794 when French revolutionaries replaced Habsburg rule with French hegemony until the defeat of Napoleon.

Luxembourg’s territories, centering on the ancestral castle, were captured from occupying French forces in the first stages of the fall of Napoleon. Some were eventually ceded to William VI of Nassau, Prince of Orange, who had been declared Sovereign Prince of the Netherlands in 1813, by his cousin King Frederick William III of Prussia who annexed other territories which had been held by princes of the various branches of the House of Nassau.[2] The Great Powers agreed at the Congress of Vienna in 1815 to re-constitute and elevate Luxembourg into a grand duchy, to be hereditary in the male line of the entire House of Nassau, beginning with the Prince of Orange, who was simultaneously but separately recognised as King of the Netherlands.

Thus William I of the Netherlands ascended the grand ducal throne as the first Grand Duke of Luxemburg. When the male line of the House of Orange-Nassau became extinct in 1890, the crown of the Netherlands went to his descendant, Wilhelmina of Orange-Nassau, but the crown of Luxembourg continued in the male line, devolving upon the head of the only surviving branch of the House of Nassau, ex-Duke Adolf of Nassau-Weilburg. His son, Guillaume IV (reigned 1905–1912), left no sons and was succeeded by his daughters, Marie-Adélaïde and then by Charlotte (reigned 1919–1964). Her descendants (from her marriage to Prince Felix of Bourbon-Parma) comprise the Grand Ducal House in the 21st century.

Iceland and Greenland were Danish territories since 1380, ergo they would have to have the house of Oldenburg…

Of course, after the death of Mary of Burgundy, Burgundy and Luxembourg passed to Philip the Handsome,ergo the Habsburgs…

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im pretty sure he meant the house and not the region/country of Luxembourg.

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