NEW SEPTEMBER EVENT: Return of Rome Event (From September 6th - September 20th)

Return of Rome Event in AoE2:DE (From September 6th - September 20th)

There’s a new event for AOE2: Yes, you heard right, it’s for Aoe2, and it’s called Return of Rome, just like the DLC. Be careful, it is not the dlc, nor is the dlc played, but it is a new event, where you get icons and unit mods from AoE1:ReturnOfRome (the AoE2 DLC that works as a separate game), but in AoE2. If you got confused, blame Microsoft hehe.

There are 10 days left, take care of yourselves and take precautions to get all the prizes.

Is anyone having issues completing the last mission? It’s saying I’m not converting units, and the game keeps crashing.

Me. I use Aztec in two games, in one I get 15 units converted, and in the latter, I don’t remeber, but i confirm: is cumullative:

Oh, I forgot: The event ends in 6 days, if anyone wants to complete it, I suggest starting it now.

Lately, these events only give you skin mods, they used to give you real rewards like a unique cheat codes.

I don’t do these events anymore, but I hope new cheat codes or game-changing abilities are on the table again soon.

They give you worthless skins like Xbox shaped siege towers and other rubbish. Not useful skins like regional monks or heroes or buildings.

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