New settlers in boats?

Since the last patch, dutch and ottoman settlers received new skins, but the fishing boats still show the classic settler. Is this a bug or intended?


Seems like usual un-furnished hasty update

Good observation, but Merchants wear elaborate business dresses, and Yörükler were nomad herders, resettled by the Ottoman empire into conquered regions. They occupied special roles in their respective societies (thus denoting the civs’ unique villager mechanics), while real fishers in their societies wouldn’t live or dress like them. That’s thematically reasonable.

To be honest, Merchants hunting, digging & tilling fields in stiff ruff collars already look awkward. Casting nets in them would be downright painful.

For Ottomans, just think of the fishers as diverse Mediterranean coastal peoples under the empire’s rule.

TL;DR: I don’t think a change is necessary.