New Sicilians undergound OP strat?

Now that Serjeants got the cost reduction can be a good time to discuss this, is OP or has counterplay?

I thought tower rush is still effective? Honestly, I havent experienced this play.

Saw the reddit post. Paraphrasing a logical reply from reddit

If you can invest 1500 resource on TC, 525 on stone (starting 300 - 175 from Donjon), and then the UT, opponent should have way better eco or better military than 25 serjeants.

But If i read it correctly the Reddit Post doesn’t talk about 5 TCs and First crusade, Just a regular fast castle into market abuse and donjons+serjeants.
Hadnt Seen the game though

Just feels like some guy who was caught off guard by something unusual and is complaining that its OP. 22 + 2 fc itself is quite difficult to pull, even with super strong early game civs on open maps. The guy who’s up to castle age doesn’t seem to be on stone neither in the frame nor minimap, doesn’t have vills forward. If its any 1600+ game, assuming that the building foundation is a donjon, by the time he builds it and makes a few serjeants and hits blue’s base, blue will be walled and will have archers with f l etching. Similar to Malian infantry or roman, this is just the typical “omg, look at the stats on the slow units” opinion


I must have read another reddit post then.

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Consider it as if you were fighting against the norse from AoM…the sicilians will go full sergeants, so you have to counter them with archers…