New Single Player/Co-op/Casual content?

I’ve stopped playing AoE IV Q3 2022 because there was only and ONLY multiplayer and competitive balance stuff. When the two new civs were added they didn’t come with a new campaign nor new Single Player or Co-op or Casual content.

I’ve been skimming through some posts and see there’s just this new season, which again, doesn’t add nothing for Single Player/Co-op content.

Has there been any word on this? Anything I didn’t catch?


  • I want more Single Player/Co-op/Casual content
  • I don’t care about Single Player/Co-op/Casual content, just give me more multiplayer and competitive stuff

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We definitely need more.

I really wish they would have launched this game with a good coop mode, kind of like SC2 has.

One small thing, did you see the two Art of War missions that were added with Ottomans and Malians? They each got one. Yeah they are just one off missions, but they are pretty cool.

Hopefully campaigns are on the way. I believe we saw hiring going on that was presumably for that type of content a while ago.

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If the recent leak(which I won’t point to here, but you can find it easily online) is anything to go by, they are definitely working on more content for this game as far as I can tell.

The leak had production quality assets for a new unit with intricate animations and such, I am pretty sure we are absolutely seeing more content, but not anytime soon. Probably late this year with potentially an actual paid DLC/expansion pack.