New skins for the next update

I would like to see a new skin for the Spanish lancer, the one in the game seems very archaic, the Spanish lancer needs a new skin in age 4, and I won’t get tired of repeating it but I would like to see a new skin for the skirmisher generic, the one we have now looks like a guardian of the forest, I don’t think there will be problems with the Dutch skirmisher since Dutch doesn’t have musketeers , the gatling guns should have a shako instead of the tricorn, new models for the ships , etc. etc


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I don’t think it’s such a necessary change, but it’s true that the Lancers seem quite anachronistic in the Industrial and Imperial Ages.

And the Dutch and Spanish Skirmishers could also receive a new Guard/Industrial Skin in some form; Of the 4 civs that have Skirmishers, the Dutch and Spanish maintain the Guard Skirmisher model by default, but that model doesn’t look like some historical Skirmisher unit from these countries, as far as I know. For example the “Peninsular Guerrillas” card could change the appearance of the Spanish Skirmishers to better represent them.

For all this I am in favor of these skin changes, but it is not that I think they are too important.

PS: Dear devs, please add a Maltese tabard or something to the Maltese Order units.

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Spanish Lancers, like British Longbowmen capture a specific (early) part of AoE3’s timeline when these units were used.

Unlike Longbowmen which can be handily completely replaced, Lancers can’t be ‘modernised’ which is a shame, especially as their Royal upgrade to Garrochistas points to the lancer units used up to and during the 19th century ( Garrochistas, for example were used suing the Peninsula War). With this in mind they should get their 19th century threads to coincide with Royal Guard upgrade.

This is what they should look like for their RG upgrade rather than Renaissance armour.


I prefer something like this

Now that I realize , maybe the developers didn’t add this skin because the helmet is similar to the one the dragoon uses, I don’t know how they would solve this problem. :smiling_face_with_tear:


from a gameplay perspective it’s kind of hard to go from a unit wearing steel armour to an upgraded unit wearing a jacket and a straw hat… it doesn’t really sell that the unit is more powerful

are there any units in the game that visually lose armour upon upgrading?


I hear you.

Annoyingly the time-frame is 100% that - renaissance-era fully armoured units evolving into armour-less units (normally full of pomp and colour) as guns continuously beat the latest armour.

As for current units that lose the armour, yeah I don’t think there are any. I think the closest we get to that are the shipments that replace the line.

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