New Spanish flavor

Historically when conquering the new world, spain used a lot of diplomacy with the existing natives drafting them in the Spanish armies to conquer other natives and lands.

Like with the Aztecs were they allied with vassals and rivals of the Aztecs unhappy with them to defeat the Aztecs.

It would be nice for this reason to give Spanish some kind of heavy native boosts like the French and Japanese have, but also some unique units focused around native warriors. Maybe give the Spanish an unique building that replaces the native embassy where the Spanish can ally with Native tribes a bit like the consulate and Inca native allies combined.

Could add some new strategy possibilities and flavor to the Spanish.


Their diplomacy was no different from British, Portuguese, Dutch or French diplomacy. That meant, when needed they “helped” but other wise was either join or be enslaved.

All the euro civs have cards for native allies - and of all the conquering civs, spain was by far - and by the standards of the era - one of the most brutal colonizers.

France has better natives due to their alliance in the 7 years war.


u no have no idea of history ,another victim of black legend , read about Black Legend on google and come back to not to make a fool of yourself please , summary, Latin America full of native population, North American, there are barely 4 or 5.

By the way, we did not have slaves like the Portuguese, Laws of Burgos, laws of Queen Isabella the Catholic, where the natives were recognized as citizens of Spain with the same rights


Spain did have slavery. Also, the spanish comitted many genocides, though it was not usually their intention.

you are using Anglo-Saxon fonts, where the black legend and anti-Spanish propaganda were born. Unfortunately that is the official version that has survived to this day, what they did not win on the battlefield they won with propaganda, please I invite you to look at the truthful information of a Hispanic historian.
In any case, it is true that at first there were abuses, but as you can see, a few years passed until the laws prevented this, there was even a death penalty for Spanish encomenderos for not complying with the law. Obviously, the laws were not always complied or respected, as in the case in all societies in the world.


This is a textbook case of “Persecution Complex”.

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Genocide and not the intention do not go together. People seem to not understand certain definitions. You cant unintentionally commit genocide as its an active crime to commit. If you are talking about the disease, it is not genocide as they didnt activally wanted or went to destroy the natives or native culture in the sense of genocide. If you mean actually genocide it is not unintentional.

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Yes they all allied with natives, but the Spanish did it to a way greater extend then most other nations definatly in the early colonial period. Most of the native Mexican population also assimilated with the Spaniards or the other way around as it were mostly conquistadores and man who went with Native woman.


Yes, it does, specially when your culture has a Renaissance understanding of pathogens, or is just way too eager to crossbreed with the locals, until there are effectively no more locals in 3 generations.

They had no way in knowing that the natives werent immune next to that renaissance understanding wasnt as big as you make it look. That wasnt until the scientific revolution. By the time they knew the natives were dieing of the disease it was already widespread in the new world.

You are completely wrong on there being no more locals a lot and I mean a lot of Mexicans have native blood. You also dont wipe out a people with crossbreeding lol? Well into the 18th century the Aztecs still had nobility within new Spain. There is even an account where a Japanese samurai stapped a conquistadore in new mexico, which was watched by a Aztec nobleman.

Even if they did it on purpose the disease spreading, then its just plain genocide not unintentional as that doesnt exist. its either intentional or not genocide.


It is actualy one of the UN’s definitions of genocide. Crossbreeding a people until tehy are no longer the original ethnic group, is classified as Genocide.

You got what I meant by Renaissance understanding of pathogens, completely wrong.

No. You can commit Genocide unintentionally.

The definition of the UN that I found is:

Any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

I dont see a mention of marriage within ethnic groups, but I do see specifically mentioned intent to destory, which means it cant be unintentional.

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Dude seriously, stop discussing about things that you have not idea saying that you know only because you read a wikipedia article. The subject has a lot more deepnest that what you are saying and also the publicly known history of the matter has being heavily distorted because of political interests along the time. With this I dont mean to say that you can discuss the topic but please investigate a bit depeer before making such harsh statements about the matter.


Take your own advice.

Distorted by archeology? You know the very spanish wrote about the brutality of their conquest, in gory detail, because at the time it was seen as a sign of strength and honour, do you not?

Black Legend is no legend. It is mostly true.

stop liying please , Only Bartolome de las Casas wrote an exaggerated story to gain influence and attention with the Spanish kings, the enemy countries of Spain, especially the English and Dutch, took that story, exaggerated it even more and repeated it so much throughout history that today People like you believe that version XD strength and honor says, you will not see that in any story of a Mediterranean country, rather it sounds like a Nordic country, we give importance to other values

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Brutality of the conquest? Are you seriously? You seem to tell my that treating the natives conquest after a war in which even part of the conquest civilization willingly fight along side spain as spanish citiciens and making them an integral part of the colonies societies is a brutality of a conquest? Do you even realise how other countries colonialism was?

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Wrong. Rome was bloodthirsty and murderous to the core, the spanish tried to emulate them a lot.

Portraying themselves as glorious conquerors of savages, and as might men of war and bloodshed, is very Mediterranean.
I am portuguese, not nordic. I know what I am talking about.

Most of the Black Legend is true.

There is a big difference, you are Portuguese, an ally of the British throughout history, enemies of the Spanish crown, therefore supporters of the black legend. You should know that the peoples of the Iberian peninsula have always been mestizos by innumerable peoples. After 800 years of reconquest the main function of the Spanish and their mentality in the 16th century was to evangelize and prosper in a new place that the old continent did not offer them, they were Catholics fighting for that religion for 800 years, his mentality was to continue with this work religiously and culturally. Well, for simple logic to think that we were like animals looking for gold and killing every living being does not make sense, 200 men cannot conquer an entire continent with arquebuses that fire once a minute. The Spanish conquest was more by picaresque and diplomacy than by war and brutality that also existed but was so different than other conquist, it was the 16th century not the 21st, the main error is to judge our history with the mentality of today, luckily we are evolving. But you have the results at a glance, look at the appearance of Latin Americans, the vast majority have native appearance.
Since you are Portuguese, surely you understand Spanish, I invite you to see on YouTube, videos about reputed Hispanists talking about all this, we simply do not know anything compared to them


It still does not mean I am not objective.
We Ports did some bad stuff, mostly in the Congo and Angola. We can admit our mistakes.
Whay can’t you?

No, it was primarily through War, taht the spanish conquered teh Americas. They used dissatisfied locals, and turned them against their masters, but the spanish themselves sought, provoked and conquered through Military Action, which is to say War.

Animals do not kill for Gold, only people do.

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It still does not mean I am not objective. Yeah y mean that because u are victim of black legend , is not ur fault , It is the manipulation of history by political interests.

You continue with the usual arguments with the context of judging with a 21st century mentality and the black legend in your mind, I insist, the post has been distorted, just look at what I recommend on YouTube or we can all who want to talk about it in private In any case, this is reflected in the same game, the histories of the game nations are all politically correct except for Spain, the armies of the other nations correspond to the time except that of Spain that go with units to mele, Morrion armor and helmet until the imperial age, (making it a useless civ for team and the myth of the bad economy is also present in the game) (We were also the first to use gunpowder weapons in a massive and ironically effective way) which is funny but if anyone should complain about prejudices nowadays it is us above all because it affects this game that we love so much but that has so many errors due to misinformation.