New Survey (also related to AOMRE and future titles)

Please, complete the Survey.
For the First Time since i partecipated to these Surveys, this last one asked many questione about graphic, artstyle for current games and the future titles.

It seems the graphics aspects have now a better perception also by Developers.

Good to see they are also looking to future titles.


I’m wondering if the devs are already thinking about a potential AoE 5 and if they have the same observation and conclusion about AoE 4 being less popular than AoE 2 as me. The observation is that it’s extremely difficult to convince players who argue against changes in their game with the argument that it’s twenty years old and therefore nothing should be changed to play a new game, and the following conclusion is that a new AoE game therefore needs to have objectively better aspects to convince people who are open to such changes to play it. Certain projectiles always hitting their target is not an objective improvement; it’s a game design decision. A very good (almost perfect) lobby browser that has all the features you would expect from a game released in 2021, just to name one example, would, from my perspective, be an objective improvement. However, the problem that AoE 4 faces, in my opinion, is that there are no such objective improvements.

AOE5 should be set in the ancient times. We Need of a modern game set in this beautiful period. I hope with Better graphic than Aoe4


I love those nods to AoEO. We are loved again

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With no mobile units and with no golden UI please


Anyway! Graphics that requires the rtx 3080 or better to be able to play 4VS4 team games at a decent 60 fps is not practical at all, especially in a niche game

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Yes, indeed. They will need to top AoEO in civ design. I don’t think its Roman design can be topped. Celts and Persians are perfect, too, imo. And the Indians when they are released.

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There are many models of graphic cards and many many graphic settings to find the right combo for all players.

So, you don’t need a 3080 rtx to play multiplayer matches because Who play in multi doesn’t care of these aspects. But for the other players this is a very important thing for the immersion.

There are also different graphic features like DLSS which really help with FPS and High quality graphic.

For example, Essence Engine doesn’t supporto this features so i Hope to see the next AOE in Unreal Engine.

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In the Steam ID page, i put my ID but it rounds, finish in 48 and when i out it turns 50

Yes people go do the survey and tell them about AOE 4 graphics… tell them to rescale units and buildings and adding siege operators… also blood and gore


same here probably to hide the id

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COH 3 has nice graphics and you don’t need a big card actually I think it runs better than AOE IV lol,

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You can play with low settings that will only require RTX1060,2060 etc those graphics cards cost only $100-150