New Taunt Idea "I see you fight with words, not with units"

Heyhey guys;

i recently got pretty good in team ranked; so that i am in the top 0.5% of all player; and before that i rarely encountered smack talk or complains. Sure some players are trash talking, but really not a lot.

However since the matchmaking is sometimes good to me; and I play with top players(in team rank mind you); i saw some of them seem to play typing simulator rather than age of empires.
I dont care if they type because of me or a teammate, but unless they got speech to text in AoE, they have to use some of their APM for typing. I personally mute those people, and just react with an 11 or 14, but it would be neat if we can have a taunt; something like;" I see you fight with words not with units"

I would also take it as DLC, i understand that such changes are not for free, so i am willing to support you guys.

Seriously some people get really toxic in ranked, even when they don’t say something offensive, its not helping either.



You boast well, but I see your forces lack leadership; En garde!


I would like to see more taunts!

In the mean time, you could also type out what you’d say before starting the game, and copy it. So in game you can just hit control v to paste and send quickly. If this is something you find yourself wanting to say every game.

Nice Idea for an automated greet message :smiley:

Actually a neat idea and taunt

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I have a suspicion that some people are using macros to chat phrases, in an attempt to consume more of their opponent’s time than their own, for a competitive advantage.

In games where you can make binds like that to instantly send a set message people tend to spam it, and let’s say it’s… rarely something relevant or smart if you see what I mean.

If you can just choose a greet formula from “GL HF” or “Have fun”, “Enjoy” that is triggered once it wont happen and is also not abusable.


Sounds like a good compromise

I mean, you type it before the game starts

In ranked games you can’t talk to your opponent before the game starts.