New taunts to improve communication

Taunts are numbers you can type in the chat system that spell out messages and say them aloud.

There are several nice things about the numeric taunt system:

  • It is faster than typing out messages in the heat of battle
  • It can be localized for players that speak a different language

Could we get the following common statements added, please?

Set up trade
My market is here
Moved market

Are you full walled?
Please wall here
Enemy wall is open here
Attack enemy wall here

My scout died
Look for sneaky villagers

Flair if you get attacked

104 Don’t give up
Should we resign?

Winning here
48 In trouble here
On my way

I’m dropping a castle here
Being castle dropped

Be nice
Offer advice

[After pausing] One second please
[Before unpausing, rather than 14] Ready to continue?

[The following would be good during setup]
Random teams please – set your team to ?
Random civs please
Your elo is too high, please join a different game
Your elo is too low, please join a different game


I fully support more official taunts in the game. 11


I agree that some new taunts would be useful. Not only does it safe time, it is helpful in communication with people who speak a different language, too.

Let me suggest a few more taunts.

  • Retreat!/Pull back!/Go back!

This taunt could be used instead of the usual ‘gb’ people write in multiplayer matches whenever they think they and their teammate are taking a bad fight and should go back.

Furthermore, there should be some taunts that indicate the opposite of ‘food/wood/gold/stone please’ and ‘give me your extra resources’:

  • I have some extra food/wood/gold/stone / Do you need some food/wood/gold/stone?
  • I will give you my extra resources.

The last one is somewhat similar to taunt 60 (‘Prepare to train a large army, I will send you as many resources as I can spare’), but not quite. Taunt 60 can be used to indicate that you will sling, while my suggested taunt could be used to indicate you are pop capped and will send your extra resources to your teammates from now on.

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I want two with all my heart:

-Hoold… Hoold… Hooold!


‘Hold’ is great. There are times when someone is 2v1 but your team is making progress on the other side – or about to get a critical upgrade. People are more willing to just hold if they know it is part of the plan.


Could somebody make a SotL taunt pack? The steam workshop has mods like that for HD but not DE.

Here’s a great example where additional taunts would have been useful. Using them so that you can communicate to people in other languages.

“Please wall here” is already in the game. You can even add 2 flares to make AI wall between 2 positions on the map, though I’m not entirely sure what the taunt is from the top of my head

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