New Technology Tree by Civilization Project

Hello to every one, please sorry my english, I’m trying to do my best perfomance.

The last time when I tried to review the Technology Tree by Civilization I can´t found it, for that reason i begun to do it, one by one.

In this moment is just a project, but I think so that in the next days I will be can upload every one of civilizations inclued the RoR expansión.

Ok, I think that is finished, if you have any suggestions please know me, and grammar erros too if I have more. XD

(Cooming up the others civilizations. just be patient)



So, you can too see the project in aoe heaven,6556,all

This will be good however, there are things to consider - the DE will have balance changes that are different from the original game. Eg Egyptian “Pirests” will only have +2 range. The biggest changes are probably in the Hittite camp, with almost everything changed, and a couple of technologies missing.

It may be wise to wait until you have DE assets and civ stats before pouring a lot of time into this, unless you are doing this for the original game :slight_smile: That being said, I would like to see if “classic” mode is following the base RoR or the Upatch version. This civ tree would still apply to the classic mode as it uses the same graphics:)

Hey pretty awesome man!

nice work, all thought i think there will be tech tree in the game?

Very good work, but to be honest I do rather prefer the old AOE Tech Tree that came with the box, the one with stone background because it is more related to the original game that the current background you are using (AOE2 probably).

Heads up.

They’re coming along very nicely now, great work!

Looks great! I also was working on some that you can find in the link below. It includes both the Orginal and Definitive Edition changes for each Civilization in the beta. I should have all the civs done here soon. Nice to see a different take on this!

Hard to make out the tech trees from the images provided. The zoom in only goes so far. I suppose altered tech trees would be nice for both balance and historical accuracy (I remember that in Age of Empires II, Chinese monks didn’t get Block Printing, which I found truly laughable).