New TEUTON UU, Let's get it

It’d be nice if they separate each generic model unit for all the civs. That way we could mod individual models without affecting all civs.

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I really like the idea of adding new units to old civs… of course as long the game remain fairly balanced


I want the crusader knight to be a reskin for Teuton Paladins


Either make the Crusader Knight a special Paladin upgrade for the Teutons (like the Winged Hussars for Lithuanians) or make it a complete new UU available at the Stables, similar to the Steppe Lancer. Maybe even make it available to a couple other Crusader nations (like France, England…).

At the very least I want this. Not as data mode, but as MP compatible mod. And only for the Teutons.


You can already do this. I gave every single civ their own unit skins and it works beautifully. only problem is with every game uipdate I have to re edit the .data file , reallocating every single unit skin to the appropriate civ unit and at this time I am to busy studying to do it all over again. Thus my Historical Accuracy mod is currently out of action.

If the devs add a method of transfering the skin allocations from the old dat file to the new that will allow a once off transfer I could continue with the mod. But although there is a copy and paste function in the editor, with all the new dlc units and content added to the .dat file , the in game unit IDs gets altered so you still have to allocate each and every unit sepporately to a skin and I just don’t have the time for it now.


I think what PizzaSamurai is saying is that they should allow us to do that without using data mods

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Yeah that would be amazing.

u mean the “empires2_x2_p1.dat” file?

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That is correct, I do indeed sir.

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This should be like the Winged Hussar but for the Knight line. Instead of getting Paladin you get this boy. The upgrade could be a little more expensive than paladin and offer the knight line an speed increase to match the civs that have husbandry, extra resistance to conversion, or a little bit of anti cavalry armor and maybe even some slow regeneration.

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and how would you beat such a unit? what’s the downside? speed equal to other heavy cavalry, heavy armor, resistance to conversion and anti halb damage, and regen on top of it?

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there is or between his proposals not and. still could be too much. teutons are not too bad on most non water maps at the moment

okay but still. he has
increased speed
resist conversion OR anti cav damage
and maybe regen.
point is - it’s too much.

i’m one of the first to sit here and say teutons could use a little (A LITTLE) bit of love. but this? no thanks.

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Have you really used mass monks to convert an army of paladins? +8 anti cav armor could make the unit tank one more hit from a halb, wich is big but not that usefull in ultra late game 1x1. A small trickle of regen, lets say 5 per minute would not be broken, but would be usefull for raiding or leaving some paladins in a corner to heal. This tech could be from monastery and be completly optional, maintaining the option of going paladin.

mass monks in imp isn’t practical because it requires a lot of monks and micro that isn’t easy to execute. furthermore tuetons already have conversion resistance which means you’re less likely to get conversions to begin with.

+8 anti cav armor means assuming you’re using current paladin stats, the Halbs do 27 damage a shot, and that means 7 attacks to kill over the normal paladins 5 and the current teutons and franks 6.

5 per minute? what’s the bloody point?

the problem is you’ve now made a unit without any weakness.

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Pretty sure the skin will be given to the knight line a future event summer even has the amazon for the arb.

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Spending a s**t ton of resources on an optional tech, that wll only be available on ultra late game, only for it to be effectively countered by a trash unit would be a point for not rushing this tech. Lets just think about it: Why go to this tech in a toe-to-toe game where the enemy has halbs when you can go chemistry and make bombard cannons and hand cannons? I can see the main use of this in team games, where teuton paladins would be a lot more competitive.

Aren’t Teuton Paladins already pretty good in TG situations? I mean, the extra armor surely must make some difference?

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no one is saying they would rush it - but question for you - if it was okay to have a unit like you’re thinking about - why was the leitis nerfed? and that unit doesn’t have anything close to the survival you’re talking about

because people don’t use halbs in team games - where this unit/tech would be the primary concern.

Teuton Paladins are already competitive in team games. they are regarded as one of the 3 best paladins in the game for team games. Hera put them (Teutons) in his A tier in team games despite lacking the light cav line and husbandry, and said their paladins were S Tier, Despite lacking husbandry.

The Leitis was nerfed because it was no his duty to be a frontline tank and an exceptional damage dealer in the first place. Lituanians lost Blast Furnace to Highlight this. Previously you had to get only two relics to have the best paladins in the game and because of that you had very little incentive to even build leitis. Now, to get comparable damage numbers to the pre patch civ in your composition, you have to mix in some leitis in your knight blob. The Teutons theme is the slow and heavy push and this would only add to it, and besides, the devs added units/unique upgrades twice (mongol steppe lancer and lithuanian winged hussar) without the necessity to do so.

But eagles and, nowadays, serjeants are quite common and I would still rather have chemistry and hc to counter the eventual intantry that pops up then a bunch of slightly faster and resistant to conversion paladins. For me, this tech would be like a 105 to the enemy, only usable when you are already in a very confortable position in the game, kinda like a castle drop right besides the TC to make the enemy say “oh f**k!”.

They are top tier because you have the ability to hold the frontline a little better, but when it came to defending from raids or assisting the team mate that lost his side the lack of speed was a burden. Either way, this tech, being available only in imperial after the paladin tech is researched would be balanced because it would only come into play in very specific situations.

To finish my point, I dont think this tech would make the teuton paladins overpowered because going for it would be either a finishing blow in an enemy that is almost dead or desperate attempt to come back in the game. And besides that, the devs can always change numbers or select the bonuses that they want the tech to provide.