New TEUTON UU, Let's get it

See these bad boys? CRUSADER KNIGHTS - they’re called. They can be another Teuton UU just beside the meme TKs without any actual change.


HP: 100 (120 with bloodlines)
Attack: 18
Armor: 4/4
Speed: 1.2 (= Eagle Warrior WITHOUT bloodlines)
Can’t be converted

LoL, I think this unit isn’t broken, not even close. But it definitely looks cool and actually is a mounted ETK. This unit should be unlocked AFTER doing ETK upgrade. That makes ablsulute sense.

upvote, comment and glhf


And I want a Teutonic order campaign too. Let’s not forget a Polish king invited the order there to help deal with Prussian pagan raids for slaves.


At least for a while :wink:


I want teuton order pikeman and xbows too,maybe an official mod to replace the current skins.


I like your profile picture

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ty man. Ilike it too

Wow, it really sounds and looks good, man!

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ya, let’s try gather more people to shout out to devs


As a point: Teutonic Rider can be a step in the Knight upgrade lane… What do you think?


it’s a fancy idea honestly, since they don’t have an elite upgrade and would be horrible vs halbs with only 100 HP. They would be more of a meme unit, than 100% competitive

i could immagine a similar implementation as with flaming camels: researching the imp UT gives acess to them as side effect. Castles would still get +3 range, but that extra effect that infantry grants extra arrows when garrisoned would be thrown away, nobody uses it anyways. Might need a slight name change, i’m sure Ornlu would come up with something fitting.

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Let’s not mess with the genius already created by Ensemble Studios and Sandy Peterson. Would you try to improve the Mona Lisa?

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sounds like a worse bojar

So, art dies with the Mona Lisa?

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I used to post an idea before. Make a weak heavy cavalry unit to become the castle unit replacing the foot Teutonic knight. While this cavalry die, it will get up and become the foot Teutonic knight, similar to how Konniks work.

Crusader Knights look so good.

so tk then is a mix of bojar and konnik?

Not acually. In my imagination, the mounted Teutonic knight is weak and really easy to be killed. Its purpose is helping the Teutonic knight arrive the frond line more quickly. When it is time to battle, the unmounted, foot Teutonic knight is that one who play the role, like the current game.


Whats a bojar?
Word limit

boyar, slav uu, in german they are called bojar, that’s why i wrote it like that


I’d pay 20$ for a DLC only adding this unit to the Teutons’ civ for multiplayer.

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I will say what I have been saying for quite some time now, we already have an Elite Teutonic Crusader knight on horseback, it’s called the Paladin. We just need Uniqe skins for each civ! Teutonic Paladin , Frank Paladin = Hospitelar skin, British , Italian , Sicillian cavalier = Templar skin and so on. As well as African, Asian, steppe , messo skins for each civ. Purely visual thus it won’t interfere with gameplay but it is something sorely missed and that I will happily pay for. I don’t have time to set up my Historical Accuray mod each and every time the game gets updated, so the time has come to request these beautiful skins to be added to the base civs as default.


Is this an edit of the Vietnamese scenario?