New to modding

Hi all Im new to modding and ive got the tool but Im still need some help cause im still confused with how to use it. I want to first start with putting one unit that belongs to one faction in putting it in another. Can some one give me some steps on how to do that if anyone can.

Thank you for the time

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Here is a good start point:

What are you planning to do?

If you open the " Techtreey.xml "
You will find the first line as :
<Tech name ='Age0French' type ='Normal'>

You can look around and will notice something like this:

		<Effect type ='Data' amount ='1.00' subtype ='Enable' relativity ='Absolute'>
			<Target type ='ProtoUnit'>Cuirassier</Target></Effect>

All you need to do is that that exact thing, and put in the the Age0 of the civ that you want to have the units.

But you also need to enable the techs:

		<Effect type ='TechStatus' status ='obtainable'>WOLVeteranGrognardsShadow</Effect>
		<Effect type ='TechStatus' status ='obtainable'>WOLGuardGrognardsShadow</Effect>
		<Effect type ='TechStatus' status ='obtainable'>WOLImperialGrognardsShadow</Effect>

Now you have succcessfully added a unit to a different civ.

If its a civ form a different culture , Euro / Asian / TWC
You will also need to add that unit to the corrosponding building:

For that you need to open the " Protoy "

Search for the building:
Barracks here as Example:

		<AnimFile>War of the Triple Alliance\Buildingsets\barracks.xml</AnimFile>
		<Cost resourcetype='Food'>0.0000</Cost>
		<Cost resourcetype='Wood'>200.0000</Cost>
		<Armor type='Siege' value='0.0000' /> 

Scroll down and you will find :

		<Train column='0' page='0' row='0'>WOLLandwehr</Train>
		<Tech column='0' page='1' row='0'>WOLVeteranLandwehrs</Tech>
		<Tech column='0' page='1' row='0'>WOLGuardLandwehrs</Tech>
		<Tech column='0' page='1' row='0'>WOLImperialLandwehrs</Tech>

the same you need to do for the unit you want to add…

If you need more help, feel free to keep asking

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I was just trying to make a mercenary ex Gatling camel to the Ottomans Faction. Im just trying to understand how to do the modding. My goal is to make a custom building with custom units but I got overwhelmed so just wanted to start off with basic work. Thank you

ok ill give it a shot thank you

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