New Twin Minerat Issue with S5

Season 5 appears to have introduced a new bug with Twin Minerat for Ottomans. Several games in a row I’ve had the 4 villagers on the landmark suddenly go idle for 15-20 seconds with no berries to gather from the landmark. I wasn’t sure what was happening until I checked the replay and now see.

Under some circumstances now the villagers will split to 2 berry patches, as you can see in the linked video 2 of my villagers go to 1 patch and 2 go to another rather than all 4 choosing the same next patch to go to. This causes them to finish the patches slowly, but at the same time. So when the cycle gets back around to using those patches they are delayed in respawning and the villagers go idle.

I never encountered this on the Season 4 patch and think the recent Minerat change has caused this to be an issue, I’m not sure if villagers gathered irregularly like this before or not, but I guess the initial berry spawn offered a buffer against this problem.

Thank you for reporting @Logo1616! We’ll take a look at what might have changed here. Thanks!